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Recovering from surgery

Updated on May 6, 2011

Out of the blue

 Just over 3 weeks ago, I returned from Turkey as fit as could be and ready to prepare for another trip in late August. I went happily to sleep on Friday night, July16 and slept soundly. Awakening, as normal on Saturday morning, I soon became aware of an excruciating pain on the left of my abdomen, the like of which I had never experienced before and do not want to do so again.

To cut out unwanted detail, I was taken swiftly to hospital and eventually admitted to an Assessment Ward, where various checks, plus some painkillers were administered. However, it was not till the arrival of the Registrar that the final decision was made to progress asap to surgery.

Thus, full of morphine, I underwent 2.5 hours of surgery ,finally surfacing at 1.00 hours on Monday.

The rest of that day is but a blur and in all truth it was not till Tuesday that I honestly cared what could happen to me.The Registrar attended and pronounced himself satisfied with the initial progress and told me that as a result of having unknowingly been a victim of verticulitis {google for full details} that I had suffered a perforated bowel. This he had repaired and sent part for histology but also that he had avoided the need for me to have the dreaded bag attached and that all in all, he felt I was in shape to recover.

Preparing to Recover

5 days later, he allowed e to return home to continue recovery and now 2 weeks on, I have enough strength to attack this hub. I have been much preoccupied in dealing with the remnants of pain and discomfort and much preoccupied with preparing myself psychologically for an extended period of recovery and convalescence. You may find, if in similar circumstances at any time, that the link below can be of real assistance to you. I firmly believe that recovery starts in the head and that psychological preparation is key to the success of the process. My family are terrified I will seek to progress too quickly, but I explain that being prepared to wait and above all listening to my body will control my actions on the road to recovery. 

Thus, this explains the lack of activity on my pages of late and hopefully gives some aid to those facing surgery, as well as confirming that none of us knows what is round our corner. Ihave a long way to go and will draw on all the aids I can, like the link, in the hope for a full and steady recovery to return me to what I was 3 weeks ago. The dramatic effect of the illness was to strip me of 28 lbs in weight in just 10 days and now I have stabilized, Iam looking to recover most of that sensibly. My Registrar tells me that in 5 weeks time I can swim again, all being well, and that is my goal on the immediate recovery horizon.

At 70 years of age, I am just thankful to still be here and to have things still to battle on for.



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