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Recovery : What does it Take

Updated on November 17, 2014

Substance Addiction

Addiction has been around for hundreds of years, yet a successful recovery process has only a few decades, beginning with Bill W and Doctor Bob. Addiction, whether it from drugs or alcohol requires a change in life, not just stopping or putting down the drug if choice. Addicts and alcoholics have to make life altering changes in order to recovery. In the early years no one knew how to deal with or handle individual with substance abuse problem. It took years before determining there was an underline cause of addiction. Once this realization has been reach, getting individuals to address these underline issues would help in making recovery successfulness.

Underline Causes of Addiction

Addictions cause vary from individual to individual. If we are to recovery from our addictions facing and understanding the underline causes is the key to success. Fact show that 1 out 10 individuals who does not address the issues or underline cause will relapse. A good example of this could include, abuse, as a child, depression, and Injury . Each of these cause may cause an individual to self medicate to the the point of addiction. In order to face these underlining issues individuals must be willing to do the work. Participating in some form of counseling, AA or NA meeting where people share their experience strength and hopes can help use face or embrace those issues.


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