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Recreate Review Weight Loss for Woman

Updated on May 29, 2012

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Does Recreate by Pro Labs Work for Woman?

For me Recreate far. My journey began with a major injury last fall that kept me off my feet for three months. In that time I gained almost 25lbs and my metabolism took a nose dive. A friend asked me what I knew about a product called Oxy Elite Pro. I had never heard of it. It has been about four years since I had been actively training so I was quite out of the loop as far as supplements. I ordered the Oxy Elite and made a girlfriend try it out with me because I was too chicken to go it alone. It worked pretty well but was a strong stimulant and I just wasn't ready to give up my morning coffee. I read some reviews online and found a good alternative for folks that don't like heavy stimulant thermogenics is Recreate. I ordered a bottle and tried it exactly two weeks ago.

First thing I noticed was a sense of wellbeing and a good sturdy burst of energy. The effects usually start kicking in after 15-20 min and last a good three hours. I find I can have a cup of coffee in the morning, take one Recreate on my way to work and then I eat breakfast at work. My breakfast usually consists of oatmeal with powdered milk, protein powder, cinnamon and some maple syrup and a banana. It is really easy to heat up in the microwave at work. My job is pretty active so the burst of energy is helpful. I also notice a marked increase in my body heat. The best way to describe it is an over all warming through my core, the back of my neck and my forehead. I usually run too cold so I like this effect. The ingredients appear pretty natural. You can Google the active ingredients.

In the afternoon I might take another recreate (you can take up to four a day) if I am planning on working out in the afternoon. On weight training days I can totally tell a difference in my willingness and ability to lift heavier weights for a longer amount of time. My clothes feel looser and I have lost about five pounds. I have read other folks have lost more then that but I'll take the five pounds no problem.

Another positive thing I have noticed is my appetite is more sane. I used to crave carbohydrates at work all day and would eat too many snacks. The supplement takes the edge off and I am getting in more protein lately. Last Sunday I decided not to take any Recreate and I was ravenous all day. I know these positives may lesson over time. I have taken supplements in the past that worked only to lose their effect after a few months.

Some things I have noticed that are not really negatives but just some oddities. The first few days on this supplement everything I ate had a metallic taste to it. Also I notice I am a bit more on edge after the effects wear off and I do get a little groggy in the afternoon. It is not so noticeable that I would stop using this stuff.

So if you are totally against supplements like this based on principle I understand. I also understand there is no magic pill for weight loss. For me this is a subtle way for me to rev up my metabolism and decreases my appetite somewhat without using speed like phentermine and fastin (been there done that). I don't work for ProLabs, I don't advertise for them and I won't link to their website unless Google or Amazon puts an ad up. I just know that when I was thinking about buying this stuff I was hoping to see a few blogs about it from woman and didn't come across any. I know there are a lot of woman out there who are much more into bodybuilding then I am who have more knowledge. Oxygen was always a good resource for me when I was following a more disciplined training routine. Right now I am just trying to drop the injury weight and am hopeful that Recreate will be one more tool to help me do that. Good luck on your journey as well.

Cheers Ecomama


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    • ecomama profile image

      Jacquie The Underground Goddess 6 years ago from NC

      Thanks for the feedback!

    • ErinPittman profile image

      ErinPittman 6 years ago

      Great review. Thanks!

    • profile image

      lamblady 6 years ago

      Thank you for this review. I am not a muscle head but still need all the help I can get!

    • profile image

      CarrieStewartEmri 6 years ago

      Awesome Review!! Keep 'em coming!