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Rejuvenating with New Attitudes and Emotions

Updated on August 12, 2017
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.


It All Starts with a Dream

I can't remember exactly what it was that prompted me to start thinking about turning my biological clock backwards as much as possible, and let alone actually doing something about it.

It could have been a temporary spike of free testosterone in my system, or a jolt of jealousy at a sight of some young an good looking dude on TV who made my wife release a teasing, dreamy sigh.

Most likely, however, it was nothing but one of my whims of intellectual adventurism spurred by all those books written by some progressive medical scientists who kept saying those tantalizing things like "it's not clear why we have to age at all considering how perfectly body is maintaining itself".

Well, some books have that ability to wake you up and at the same time lull you into a dream. They say that "dreams die first - then we do". As I am writing this, I am just wondering if anybody else out there is willing to join me in my dream, and maybe even do something for it, like I am doing.

Our Medicine Cabinet Tells more Truth than Our Make up and Clothing about Our Age
Our Medicine Cabinet Tells more Truth than Our Make up and Clothing about Our Age

Aging Sucks

Before I start seriously focusing on my own words, let me cite someone else: "Youth is so wasted on the young ones". Yes, they take it so for granted and don't appreciate it. If I could be that young again, I would not move away from the mirror for days - that's how appreciative person I am, and you can forget the whole story about narcissism.

Let's face it folks, mature age and over may sometimes mean serenity, wisdom, experience, but hell - why do we have to pay for all that by feeling so many muscles, tendons, and joints that we never knew we had when we were young. In other words - aging sucks.

A wise older person once told me: "Once after you hit fifties and nothing hurts you as you are getting up from bed in the morning, that means that you are dead and you just don't know it as yet". With those prophetic words in my mind, now that I am almost 72 I am watchful what I feel on my way to the washroom first thing in the morning. By the time I am brushing my teeth, some little discomfort shows up here or there - and then I know I am safe.

My Idea of an Exercise Is Walking at a Slow Pace in My Favorite Park-Forest
My Idea of an Exercise Is Walking at a Slow Pace in My Favorite Park-Forest

Robust Health Lazy Style

Now, with all that whining about aging I have not really prepared you for the coming story about my robust health, which is bound to be interpreted as boasting. If that's the way it will look to you, feel free to skip it, I won't know, as I'll just keep imagining all applauses and cheering coming from earth and heavens.

O.K., let me tell you in advance that I am not ascribing my health to something like doing any workouts. Call it laziness if you wish, because that's what I am calling it. My idea of an exercise is walking at a slow and leisurely pace by the river in my favorite park-forest, and making frequent stops to feed chipmunks and ducks.

My favorite in that beautiful natural ambient are some tiny and brave birds that come to my extended palm to eat sunflower seeds. Holding my hand extended like that for minutes to tease the birdies could be too much of an exercise, so I exchange hands every little while.

Yes, feeding the birds could be too tiring. When it's about exercising, I seem to be following the philosophy of that dude who said: "The only exercise I do is walking on funerals of my friends who exercised a lot."

Moving Heavy Furniture Was a Real Test that I Passed Without an Exhaustion or a Heart Attack
Moving Heavy Furniture Was a Real Test that I Passed Without an Exhaustion or a Heart Attack

Brag, Brag, Brag...

However, don't let this slow motion life give you any wrong ideas. If I didn't know better I would suspect that I have a cat's gene in my genome, as I can go full speed from idling gear. Besides, I can still touch my toes with locked knees, and do things that would embarrass many younger folks.

Among them was that moving to this new place. With merely the help of my son I handled all those heavy wall units, couches, quite a few dressers (you know, my wife is a woman), and don't let me make that long list of my household inventory that would include some sixty big boxes that I handled all by myself.

O.K., now is the time to clap, unless you are already doing it. The next morning I did not peck on painkillers or soak my hands in Epsom salt water, but rolled my sleeves and painted all walls, and dragged furniture to their proper place - despite warnings of my wife who was concerned about my "old heart". Well, I already told you about my "cat-gene", so by now you must know that following days I was just purring around, going from easy chair to couch, wherever it felt softer.

Keep Smiling and Your Body Cells will Smile with You
Keep Smiling and Your Body Cells will Smile with You

"Inner Chemist"

Some of you that have succeeded to recover from all that boasting - which was also a kind of necessary for an article like this - may be wondering what I am doing to maintain such a good health. We already ruled out workouts, and now it's the time for yet another little surprise - I am not one of those who think that "we are what we eat".

According to my somewhat simplistic philosophy about nutrition, there is a chemist in our body that is very watchful about our dominant attitudes, thoughts, and especially emotions. And according to what it can observe, it is bound to turn a vitamin into a crap, and crap into a vitamin.

And that's how we are actually approaching the "secret of it all". Indeed, when we are depressed, that chemist says "You obviously don't need this vitamin C to be absorbed, so down it goes with the rest of the waste". That chemist is catering to our emotional and attitudinal habits.

According to my strong belief and also experience, body is a perfect self-maintaining and self-healing wonder on earth - but only when we are giving it a mental support. Literally speaking - our mind can keep us well, and it can destroy our health as well. Starting with our immune system, which works incredibly close to our nervous system.

Something to think about the next time when we are buying ourselves that highly promising bottle of nutritional supplements that we read about in a magazine.

Basically I Eat everything Except White Sugar, Dairy, and Wheat  -  all in Moderation
Basically I Eat everything Except White Sugar, Dairy, and Wheat - all in Moderation

My Personal Daily Regimen

I consume anything edible except junk food, sugar, dairy, and wheat products. My day starts with a glass of warm water with juice from a whole lemon, a tsp of sole (water saturated with Himalayan Salt), and a tbsp. of coconut oil.

Then I do my qigong meditation ("Small Universe") and physical exercises resembling tai'chi. That's followed by a short breathing exercise massaging my diaphragm, after which I do nothing for some 30 minutes - just hanging around and looking tough.

Then I have my simple smoothie which includes another tbsp. of coconut oil, one banana, and a scoop of veggie-based protein powder. (I have the same one in the evening). As for dinner, I eat what my wife cooks, nothing from boxes.

I do some other things too, generally in my mind, but that would take up a lot of space to describe, so let us stay with these basics.

To each Their Own  -  Mine Is Not a Story of "Heredity". We Activate or Deactivate Genes with Our Beliefs, Mindset, and Dominating Emotions
To each Their Own - Mine Is Not a Story of "Heredity". We Activate or Deactivate Genes with Our Beliefs, Mindset, and Dominating Emotions

Is It in Our Genes?

The previous paragraph is not suggesting that we all sigh with a relief and start munching on junk food. Everything in moderation will do - unless your doctor prescribes certain restrictions necessary for your particular condition or your biological individuality which makes you either allergic or sensitive to some foods.

Everyone should listen to their bodies and figure out what, and how much, and when they should be eating and drinking - forget about inhaling garbage and the one in needles. As I am mentioning "biological individuality", I don't believe too much in "heredity".

Biologists and geneticists are telling us that we can override some genes that would make us predisposed to some dysfunctions - again, with our cultivating a healthy emotional climate and attitudes. Our genome is a sort of cellular intelligence, and as such is very responsive to our central nervous system, meaning brain.

Stories about "heredity" are favorite excuses of doctors who don't know what to advise their patients - like "brightening up", and also by patients who will peck on any pills lessening the symptoms, instead of hitting the bull's eye - "brightening up", which could mean sacrificing their favorite addiction of whining about bad health.

Sooner or Later in everyone's Life everyone Agrees that Health and Vitality Is the most Precious Treasure of Life  -  while Looks May Be one of the Bonuses
Sooner or Later in everyone's Life everyone Agrees that Health and Vitality Is the most Precious Treasure of Life - while Looks May Be one of the Bonuses

Could Anything Be more Important?

Being as youthful as possible may sound like an obsession of an aging man - like myself for instance - but when you really think of it, what could possibly be more important that feeling great?

Remember all those old billionaires who would give most of their riches if they could be healthier and happier human specimens - as they are painfully realizing how those most important things in life are those that money can't buy.

On the other hand, going "obsessive" about it won't do the trick, because that's just another stress in the bouquet of all other concerns and worries. There are many approaches to a sound emotional and consequently physical health, and I have covered quite a few in my other articles, but there is no such a thing as a silver bullet that could be applied by everyone.

So, for all thinking folks who would also like to be younger and happier, my advice is - take a good look at your own intimate reality, the one that only you may be able to assess in all of its details. See what has to be dropped there as a nonsensical baggage.

I like the holistic philosophy of Ayurveda where it says "If you want to heal, don't think where your body hurts - think where your life hurts". With this nice slogan, let me finish my article, while I am also hoping that some of its ideas may inspire you towards a happier, healthier and yes - younger you. Be well everyone.


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    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      3 years ago from Canada

      Bravo, Glenis! What an amazing example of an unbreakable spirit and a persistent vitality! People like you will always be my inspiration. Don't you wish there were more of us.

    • Glenis Rix profile image


      3 years ago from UK

      The power of positive thinking! Great hub. Voted up. I'm soon to be 68, was awarded my BA.(Hons) in English Lit. last month. Nordic walking and gardening keep me going, despite knee replacement. My father died recently at the age of 91 - nobody could believe how old he was until the very end. Incidentally - it was George Bernard Shaw who first said 'Youth is wasted on the young'. Never a more true word spoken - my youth was certainly wasted, and I'm trying to make up for in in the next 20 or so years.


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