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Redheads: Things You Should Know

Updated on January 21, 2013

The Saga

It seems as if red heads are getting a lot of attention these days. You know, like the "blondes have more fun" fad (er, yeah right). Type 'red head' in Google if you don't believe me. You'll find joke sites, health sites, and beautiful red headed women sites, which strategically will lead you to red headed porn sites. Some say we're beautiful, some say we're diseased, and others just have an odd fetish. So, what's the real deal with red heads? Well, I guess I am here to clear up the matter. Hopefully another red head will read this and be able to relate, and as for the general public, well...I guess you'll just be informed.

The Beginning Years

Looking back on this is difficult for me. I was teased relentlessly. Okay, not really, but I'm sure it happens. The very first moment I was conscious of my red headed-ness was when I changed schools at age secen. I moved to a relatively small town. The kind where everyone knows everyone and is super curious about a 'new-comer.' My mom walked me into my dull, tiny, 2nd grade classroom, mid-day. I think we had a bunch of paperwork to do in the morning. Anyway, she made a small knock on the door and I gradually stepped forward, my new teacher standing beside me and introducing me to the class. I swear you could hear crickets chirping! Was there something on my face?! And that's when it hit me. FRECKLES. I'm not sure if these kids had ever seen a red head before. So, I'll keep a long story short. It's not easy looking different from everyone else. At a young age, all I wanted was brown hair. Even back then I wasn't a firm believer in blondes having more fun, but I would've taken that hair color, too. I would have taken anything that made me look relatively normal.

Middle School: Boy Challenges

By this point in my life, I had major concerns, like wondering why I was nudged to say thank you every time some old lady or man walked up to me in a grocery store to compliment my stringy red hair, but most importantly, will boys ever like a red head? Sure, it sounds silly now, but I was an inquisitive youngster. Young boys don't want to be seen with a red head. I mean, come on, there was only like two of us in the whole school. Let's get real. .01253% of the population doesn't stand much of a chance to a group a pubescent boys struggling with their own thoughts about 'fitting in.'

I got over it...

All those boys grew up and I had my fair chances. Looking back at it now, it makes me laugh. We all go through the stage of wanting to fit in and then we move on to wanting to be different from everyone else. For me, the latter came much sooner due to my 'disease': gingervitus.

The Real Deal: Take It From Me

We've all heard the corny jokes, myths, and legends. I'll take my own red headed step-child experiences to set the record straight for you on a few things.

Red heads are more feisty.

This one is probably true, for me anyway. I tried to pretend this wasn't so for the longest time, but I snapped into reality. Yes, 'snapped.' Maybe this is due to the childhood struggles of red heads every where.

Freaks in the sheets.

As much as I'd love to entertain this accusation, Hubpages probably won't allow me to do so. Same with the curtains and drapes thing. Sorry.

Why don't red heads dye their hair if they hate it so much?

Why don't you dye your hair purple? The dying of hair for a red head is more drastic than it sounds. Have you ever gotten a bottle of Loreal and hated the result? I bet you have and I bet you got another bottle of Loreal and dyed your hair back your natural color. That isn't an option for us red heads. Our hair color doesn't come in a bottle. Trust me. I am sure you've seen the fake red head hair-dos....or don'ts.

Do red heads need more pain medication?

This is a new question doctors are asking themselves. I am going to have to say YES to this one. I've gotten in an argument or two with my dentist who assured me that I had ENOUGH novocaine. I really wanted to stick the drill in her mouth to show her how it feels. Anyway, yes on more than one occasion I've needed more pain medication or sedatives than most.

Red heads never tan.

I can't say 'never' to this one. It is true that some red heads can not tan, but not all of us. The ability to tan depends on a lot of things, like DNA. My dad has some Indian in him. He's tan all year round. While I will never be THAT tan, I can indeed catch some good sun. The only real downside about tanning is my freckles get darker, too. Less than a month into summer, I am now what I like to call, 'off-white.' Oh, and yes, a lot of crap has been thrown through a picket fence this year.


Red heads are becoming extinct you know!

Yes, I know. Thanks for making me sound like a dinosaur.


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    • denisevirostek profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Richmond, VA

      lol. I am not sure of your age, but it gets easier as you get older.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      fuuny site. I have red hair. Always felt and have been trated like an outcast. Horrible existence

    • denisevirostek profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Aw! Thanks so much! I'm glad to hear it. Share it with the red heads you know!

    • Pollyannalana profile image


      6 years ago from US

      lol, very good read. Thoroughly enjoyed it!


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