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Red apple benefits - The health benefits of eating a Red apple

Updated on January 18, 2018

The Apples and especially raw red apples are one of the most used fruits in our tables. They are very yummy and good looking, can be eaten raw or done in a variety of ways. In a way they are considered as the worlds super fruits. More than 30% of the world is a daily apple consumer. From the first apple of biblical data known as the "sin" apple of Adam and Eve to Isaac Newton’s apple (which were both Red Apples), they have played a major role in human history.

"But, is there a reason why the red apple is such a highly cultivated fruit?"

Most of American citizens prefer to consume raw apples rather than any kind of other fruits. Relating to scientific studies one American eats at least "50 pounds of apples a year". And more than 50% of them are red apples. Maybe because of their sweetness that is relatively high.

Red apples are also commonly used by diet prescriptions. They are very well known for their many health benefits which derive from the high content of fiber, minerals and vitamins. If you eat 3 to 4 red apples a day they contribute in weight loss. Each apple must be eaten unpeeled 15 minutes before the meal to be effective.

Red Apple benefits - The health benefits of eating a Red Apple

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Red apple fruitsBasket of red applesBig red apple in a treeTwo red apples in a tree branchDrawing of organic red apple
Red apple fruits
Red apple fruits | Source
Basket of red apples
Basket of red apples | Source
Big red apple in a tree
Big red apple in a tree | Source
Two red apples in a tree branch
Two red apples in a tree branch | Source
Drawing of organic red apple
Drawing of organic red apple | Source

The red apple has significant cardiovascular benefits

Consuming two – three raw red apples a day may help keep your heart healthy. Also, it plays an important role in lowering high blood pressure. This is due to the fact that the so-called polyphinos and fiber in the apple have the ability to melt cholesterol very quickly.

Different studies done the last decade have concluded that daily consume of apple can help reduce cholesterol levels. Also, red apples significantly reduce to other markers associated with plaque and inflammation in artery walls.

The study done at the Florida State University in Tallahassee in 2011 effectively lowers the bad cholesterol. It shows lowering of high blood pressure and lowering of LDL (known as bad) cholesterol in different experiment done among population.

Eating unpeeled apples.

Do you peel apples before eating them?

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A natural prevention of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease may be caused by different factors. The most common factors come from our daily diet and the bad attitude towards food. For example, deep fried aliments, cigarettes, car exhausts etc release many toxins which may negatively impact brains functionality.

A group of scientists have discovered that red apple juice is in fact a natural medicine against Alzheimer’s disease. The studies were conducted on some mice’s. Which were given an apple based diet.

They showed an increased level of intelligence and memory afterwards. The main suggestion is that you have to eat raw apples with the skin. The skin contains the proper elements that fight malicious toxins and benefits the brains functionality.

The perfect replacement of caffeine in the morning

Instead of drinking coffee every morning, eat a red apple. It has the same effect on your brain as coffee. I recommend it to all the caffeine addicted out there. In fact this fruit does not contain caffeine at all, not a single mg. But, how can the apple give you a kick start in the morning comparable to coffee?

This is due to the fact of its content of natural sugars (glucose). In fact each average apple contains 13g of sugar. Whereas a red apple may contain up to 16g of natural sugars (natural glucose). Natural glucose is the “basic form sugar” element that your body processes. So, if you eat a raw apple especially before eating morning, not only you will stay awake longer than drinking coffee, but you will cleanse your digestive track too.

Keeps your teeth white and healthy

If you have always wanted very white teeth, then you should consider eating red apples. Because just brushing and flossing the teeth won’t be enough. Also, the foods we eat can play a major role in our oral health.

Red wine, cigarettes, colored gums or candies devastate the teeth and teeth gum. Your teeth will become as colored as the aliments you ingest. But, there is a quick solution to maintain white teeth and fresh smell. Just begin with eating apples (any kind) on daily basis and you will notice the difference.

This happens because of the apples crunch property, with paves away all the staining micro – organisms on your teeth. Apple cider vinegar is also very helpful, but might be a little bit difficult to brush your teeth with. With all that being said you are not supposed to give up brushing your teeth, but from time to time try the healthy way of eating apples.

Another nutritional function of consuming red apples is losing weight

Apples, as well as Chia and beet juice are well known for their amazing digestive properties. In fact, people who eat an apple 15 minutes before the meal significantly decrease the level of calories. Actually, if you eat an apple before any meal you will feel fuller faster. This is associated with the apples highly fiber content. Fibers are able to contribute in processing sugars and cholesterol content in foods.

Red apples contain a minimum amount of calories, only 52 kcal per 100g. And the right amount of carbohydrates approximately 14g per 100g of apple to consider it a light snack. The greatest thing is that red apples can act as a very powerful natural type of “laxative” and cleanse your entire digestive track. Thanks to the insoluble fibers found in the apples skin. They play a major role in fastening the digestive process and cleaning the colon as well.

Apples maintain healthy immune cells, preventing many types of cancers

Based on some definitive research, the antioxidants which are stored in the red apple have anti inflammatory effects on our cells. Thus they are able to prevent or minimize the risk of various types of cancer such as lungs cancer, vertebral cancer, colon cancer, limb cancer and even skin premature ageing. The old saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”, may be potentially true. Antioxidants are the main defense of our body against free radicals which support in cells destruction.

Free radicals are created naturally or induced by bad habits of living, eating or drinking. But, most of the time free radicals are created when we ingest non biological foods with excessive amount of processed sugars. These sugars combined with oxygen create different malicious toxins including the free radicals.

The natural grown fruits (without pesticides) consist of antioxidants, the fighter of free radicals. Antioxidants are not the only elements that prevent these unwanted diseases. The high content of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 and magnesium give to your body a boost of health for stronger immune system.

Should I peel the apple?

There is no particular reason for you to peel the apple before eating it. Due to the fact that the skin of a red apple is thinner compared to other kinds of apples, it causes no damage to your stomach.

Although some people might have digestion issues eating apples with their skin. But red apples won’t cause any problems, just remember to wash it and put all the seeds out before consuming it.

The skin of an apple is known for it’s values and high concentration of fibers. You can find around 2/3 of the total amount of fiber in the peel, which is around 14% of the total fiber your body needs in a day. A whole red apple contains approximately 21% of the fiber you need.

A red apple's skin has also most of the vitamins in it, like vitamin C, Vitamin B1, which are crucial for our organism.

Red apples are good looking and tasty

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Red apple display on a local marketA tree of red apples before cutting them. Red apples tree plantationHow much is a red apple worth compared to green apples.Red and green apples in IndiaRed apple with leafThe remaining of a red apple that has been mostly eaten.Beautiful girl eating a raw red appleThree different variations of red apples
Red apple display on a local market
Red apple display on a local market | Source
A tree of red apples before cutting them.
A tree of red apples before cutting them. | Source
Red apples tree plantation
Red apples tree plantation | Source
How much is a red apple worth compared to green apples.
How much is a red apple worth compared to green apples. | Source
Red and green apples in India
Red and green apples in India | Source
Red apple with leaf
Red apple with leaf | Source
The remaining of a red apple that has been mostly eaten.
The remaining of a red apple that has been mostly eaten. | Source
Beautiful girl eating a raw red apple
Beautiful girl eating a raw red apple | Source
Three different variations of red apples
Three different variations of red apples | Source

Is there anything an apple can't do for us?

Well, I really can't think of anything that an apple can't do to make our life healthier. It has so many benefits and it is very tasty to eat.

From mental benefits that attribute to our everyday routine, to physical improvement. Red apples have plenty of proteins, fibers, non-diabetic sugars, vitamins and antioxidants.

An experiment you can do at home.

I myself did some accidental experiment with a red apple. I don’t know if any kind of other apple will do but, you can try out. Anyway some of my friends had to come at my place for some kind of party and I bought a cake for dessert.

But they were so full that none of them ate it, so I had to put it in the fridge. It past almost a week in there and when I opened the fridge the cake was as fresh as the first day I bought it.

Meanwhile the two red apples that were near the cake had started to become black. In my opinion, the apples have absorbed all the bacteria and microbes generated from the cake during the week. I can’t think of any other logical explanation. I just think that I found out another benefit that a red apple can give to us.

Multiple ways to include apples into your dishes.

Apples in general are not only good for your physical and mental health, but perfect to make other dishes with. Below there is a list of the multiple dishes that you can make using red or other types of apples.

  • "Candy Apples." These apple based candies are made with red apples. They have been utilized for quite a long time, being a fall traditional treat.
  • "Apple Pudding." The apple pudding is a well known dish for dessert in India. Actually they use any type of apple for this pudding.
  • "The famous Apple Pie." Everyone has tasted at least once the delicious home made apple pies. They are traditional pies used almost anywhere in the western cooking.
  • "Apple based Milkshakes." Apple is also a common ingredient used to make milkshakes. After taking the juice from the apple it is mixed with the other ingredients of the milkshake. Making a very tasty and refreshing drink.
  • "Red Apple Handy Pies." Handy pies, sometimes made of Red apple have a like a half-circle form. And is very good for little children, who don't want to sit on the table eating with the grown ups.

More photos of red apple

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away.Red candied applesDelicious red apple chipscameo red applesApple fruit ripe
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. | Source
Red candied apples
Red candied apples | Source
Delicious red apple chips
Delicious red apple chips | Source
cameo red apples
cameo red apples | Source
Apple fruit ripe
Apple fruit ripe | Source

"One of the things that I have to mention is that you have to eat the whole raw apple."

"None of these points will benefit to your health if you drink apple juice, applesauce or any other artificial aliment derived from apples."

"Because in order to make them, they had to heat them up and process them before, and this destroys the apples nutritional elements."

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    • profile image

      Rod Balita 

      5 days ago

      One health benefit of red apples never mentioned, is its ability to neutralize acidity or acid reflux in the body. I was surprised of its effectivess. I used to suffer from severe acid reflux and someone from our church recommeded it. I tried it and it was instant relief and acid reflux stopped bothering me. My family, friends and co-workers used it too and had the same positive results.

    • raquelle148 profile image


      5 years ago

      Apples have lots of healthy benefits, indeed!

    • mecheshier profile image


      5 years ago

      What a fabulous article! Love your articulate suggestions and info. Thank you!

    • melissae1963 profile image

      Melissa Reese Etheridge 

      5 years ago from Tennessee, United States

      Thank you for such an informative article. Teachers love apples!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      It is great to get valuable health information like this. I have kids so I am always trying to make sure they eat healthy. Their health is one of my main concerns in my life.

    • Christy Maria profile image

      Christy Maria 

      5 years ago

      Great article and useful information. I used to eat apples all the time but have not had them as often anymore. I think I will have to go grocery shopping soon!

      Voted up.

    • SAQIB6608 profile image


      5 years ago from HYDERABAD PAKISTAN

      I like apples but LOVE mangoes. I don't know but I have developed a personal affinity for mangoes.

      Overall a good Hub.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      5 years ago

      I try to eat an apple a day for the health benefits it provides a body. Your advice is great and one that will help people to understand how good an apple truly is for them. When I want other fruits to ripen quickly I place them in a bowl with an apple. They ripen over the next day.

    • dejvimanushi profile imageAUTHOR

      Dejvi Manushi 

      5 years ago from Albania

      Well, thank you very much for your positive comment. I am glad you enjoyed this article.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      5 years ago from The Caribbean

      Very good information and ideas about the red apple. It is very expensive where I live; wish I could afford one a day. The apple swan is awesome. Thank you.


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