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...The Quit Smoking Express: Red Board... The Root Chakra...

Updated on October 6, 2012

Where Ever You Are

"Come out, come out." The Queen motioned to the girl as the train came to a stoplight known as Red Board. Appropriately it was exactly the right name at the right time. The girl stepped down slowly off the train with some hesitation because she could not trust herself with her addiction. She trusted this ethereal Queen with the red mist swirling around Her feet. She knew she wouldn't be left alone to sabotage her efforts at being clean from it.

The Queen lead her to a path dimly lit by the thin slice of moon. She followed the trail of red mist as it went deep into the night. She followed until she came to a clearing where an old woman and her grandson sat chatting together, skeletons in the night. A vision of the past that extended into the future. No longer did the girl feel anger when she saw them, for she knew them both and her resentment had long since faded as she understood how important they were to her life.

She was asked to sit by the fire, indian style. Nothing between her and the earth which ruled the chakra they were about to explore. The roots were to be allowed out, to be let down into the core of the mother earth where they would draw energy and expel all of the insecurity that she had been feeling. She looked forward to ridding herself of it now that her teacher had arrived.

The Queen walked round and round and the fire rose up into the sky. The girl sweat in silence and closed her eyes against the heat. The Queen stepped forward to her and gently placed each of her hands upon her knees, palm up. They felt itchy and raw and free all at once.

"Be comfortable and still, feel the energy leaving and returning. Feel it take away anything you can no longer house within you. Let it go to mother inferno. Become unattached."

To Know

She felt heated energy rotating in and out of her. She knew that somehow her resistance to changing her addiction was being deposited here and it was as easy as sitting crosslegged upon the earth. The roots she envisioned were travelling down and becoming a strong image in her mind. The Queen continued to circle round and round in the very same way that a healthy chakra spins. She was chanting a slow melodic song which had everything to do with the root chakra.

The girl could not really understand the words but she felt their power as she sat and allowed herself to purge the old things that made her feel so helpless and dependent on something so silly. She felt foolish for her horrid habit and was ashamed that her self control was not already present in a strong enough place within her.

The Queen sensed her anxiety and started chanting louder. This took the focus off of the things that could not be changed and allowed them to be left behind. "Toss those thoughts too, into the fire. Let them travel down into the molten core of the earth so the great mother can use them as fuel. She will churn them into the most beautiful things, if you let her. Toss them."

The Queen read her thoughts easily and sternly. She was here to make this girl able to handle whatever came at her. She would help her because she had much more to do than this. She was so lost right now and had almost been pulled into the Lake of Fire. It was always meant to be this way. She would be just on the edge of disaster and a savior would arrive. The Queen was more than happy to manifest again. She had been waiting outside the hospital on the day she was born. She watched from behind the trees and waited until this moment to come and enter at the most pivotal crucial moment.

To Dare and To Be Silent

The Queen had actually been around a lot longer than this, way before the day the girl was born. They had made their sacred contracts together in the Beforetime. They had agreed upon this very meeting and all of the choices that had been already made as well as the ones that were about to be made. The difference now was that the contract could be renewed, updated and changed because there had been a crossroads where another train had passed through. She could have boarded that one and never known the route to healing in the way that it was about to be explained.

The girl dared to take her own way. She abandoned many people and things along her path and stayed true to her heart no matter how lonely or sad or misunderstood she was. She could not stand pity and she would not tolerate liars. She especially would not tolerate her own lies and shed so many skins on her way to the train station that day. She had not realized how important it was to be on time for this train. It had been the last one. It would be her last hope. The train moved her completely off of a destructive path that became obliterated, finally, as she had wished.

She had not planned on becoming so dependent on pain and discomfort. She had not wanted to become addicted to more substances. She wanted to rise up and beyond her physical limitations, forever wandering through words and books and time to make things better and more understandable. In the end, which is right here, it was Silence that would teach her the most. The ability to shut out the external distractions of everything and everyone who meant to help or harm her and be faithful to only Herself.

The roots reached down so far this time that it would be impossible for her to abandon this new place of awareness. For this, she was extremely grateful.


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  • Carole Anzolletti profile imageAUTHOR

    Carole Anzolletti 

    6 years ago from The Phantom Queen's Labyrinth

    Thank you for reading it and I am glad you enjoyed it:) please keep trying every day to be free...YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  • ACapp profile image


    6 years ago from New Jersey

    Wow, I was intrigued by this whole story. I totally relate to this girl in that I feel I'm at a crossroads as well. I am addicted to nicotine, but more importantly, to old thought patterns and belief systems that no longer serve me. I feel the Universe is leading me to shed these things, and I can feel the resistance to it. I especially got a charge of resistance when I read the sentence, "She knew that somehow her resistance to changing her addiction was being deposited here and it was as easy as sitting crosslegged upon the earth." Thank you for this beautiful story...very descriptive and well written :)


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