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Reduce Man Boobs - Tone Up Your Saggy Chest

Updated on February 21, 2011

The Easy Way To Eliminate Man Breasts

Lose Your Man Boobs Now
Lose Your Man Boobs Now

A Shock Discovery

It happened one day—you looked into the mirror and couldn’t believe what you were seeing--your once proud, masculine chest, in ruins and the unwelcome appearance of two saggy, or maybe even pert, man boobs staring right back at you. 

Whatever you know them as, man boobs, moobs, or man breasts, the fact is they are a tough to get rid of, embarrassing feature.  Regular exercise alone won’t cut it, in fact you could make your pointy, droopy little amigos even more obvious if you do the wrong things in pursuit of your re-sculpted chest. You will be the talk of the locker room and the office water cooker, but unless you really are proud of your fun cushions you will probably want to get rid of your man boobs as soon as you can to avoid bumping up another cup size!

Man Boobs Begone!
Man Boobs Begone!

About Gynecomastia

There are a number of causes of Gynecomastia, the term for male breasts. These include hormonal imbalances, which may arise during adolescence, as the result of a chromosomal disorder, or from your dietary choices and the use of certain prescription drugs. Men breasts also pop up, or down, as a result of excessive alcohol consumption, obesity and a general lack of fitness. If your man boobs are caused by glandular growth—you can tell this by the feel of a firm, rubbery disc-like shape beneath the nipple—then you should consult your physician, as surgery may be the best option.  However, if like most men you acquired your man boobs through poor diet, alcohol and lack of exercise (amongst other things) then fear not, there are easier, cheaper and faster ways to tone up your chest.

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How To Eradicate "The Twins" - Man Boob Destruction

Through previous trial and error you’re probably thinking that working off your man breasts is virtually impossible. The problem is, general exercise routines and a calorie controlled diet will help you to lose weight across your entire body, but the excess of fatty tissue that’s in the chest remains a prominent feature, so your man boobs still stand out.

The best and most effective solution to destroying men breasts is to cut out the foods that actually promote male breast tissue—these are called estrogenic foods—and supplement your dietary intake with anti-estrogenic foods. Anti-estrogenic foods actually help your body to free up the testosterone in you which combats the feminising effects of the estrogen that is also present. And of course it’s a given that you should be reducing the fat content of the food you eat and focussing on a balanced diet.

The food you eat is only a part of the plan though. If you are carry excess weight all over your body – and be honest with yourself here – then you need to follow a cardiovascular exercise routine that will help you shed fat across your body.

It is important that you exercise the correct muscles in your chest as you start to lose weight and boost the free testosterone levels in your body. Push ups and dumbbell flyes (flat and declined) will bulk up the wrong part of your chest and the men breasts will be more pronounced. There are specific sculpting exercises that will tone up the area of the upper chest.

You Really Are What You Eat.
You Really Are What You Eat.

Man Breasts Gone - With The Right Method

Utilize the best targeted approach to eliminating your man boobs and your man breasts will be gone before you know it.

These are just a few of the man boob elimination secrets that you should follow to achieve your goal. If you are serious about reshaping your chest and ditching those unsightly man boobs, stop thinking that nobody notices them right now and do something about it!


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