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Evoluent Vertical Mouse helps reduce RSI

Updated on August 31, 2013

As a computer user, the mouse is an intrinsic part of the desktop. After 10+ years of being an active user, I began to feel pain in my wrist and fingers. Two years ago, a friend introduced me to the Evoluent Vertical Mouse and I have benefited from its usage.

Evoluent has been a pioneer in researching and developing the vertical mouse. The website is quite informative on the differences between the elbow positions between the usage of the traditional flat mouse vs the vertical mouse.

Unique Shape

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse has a unique shape. The shape of the device allows for a thumb-rest, a slight curve to have a place for the little-finger. In the normal position, the hand is resting with the fingers curled inwards.

The click action moves the fingers inwards as in a hand-shake. This is a significant benefit from the flat-mouse where the finger tends to move up above the wrist plane. The button clicks are softer than on a traditional mouse.

The wrist and elbow position contributes to the biggest benefits. In a traditional mouse, the palm is horizontal and the elbow is flat. While using the vertical mouse, the palm and the elbow are positioned vertically. This reduces the elbow twist. A similar benefit is observed when you switch to a pen or stylus based device (like a hardware tablet).

The vertical mouse should be used in conjunction with a mousepad that has a wrist support. This allows the base of the wrist to be rested.

Additional Buttons

Evoluent Version 3 came with 4 buttons and a scroll-wheel. This allows for programming additional tasks like the browser-back click. Version 4 has 5 buttons and a scroll-wheel.

Programmable buttons have been getting introduced in traditional mice from Logitech and other vendors. Gamers often program the buttons for frequent tasks. Normal users may select options like page up, page down, volume and audio-track control.

Left Hand vs Right Hand

Normal mouse devices are symmetrical. Switching the device from a left-hand mode to a right-hand mode is a simple toggle in Windows Control Panel --> Mouse Settings.

In case of the Vertical Mouse, separate devices are available for left-hand and right-hand users. Remember to select the appropriate device depending on your mouse-hand. The V4 series is coming in multiple sizes as well.


The mouse is a tad expensive when you compare it with standard mice from vendors like Logitech and Microsoft. The price compares well with the advanced devices rolled out by the vendors.

The wireless version gives better movement. The wire tends to introduce resistance to movement. V3 series came with a larger bluetooth dongle. V4 has now switched to a compact dongle

Additional Reading


The above review was written as an end-user and is not a medical recommendation. I wanted to share my personal observation from having used the device for the last couple of years.


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