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Reduce Stress And Anxiety

Updated on July 25, 2014
What good comes out of dwelling on things that has already happened that you cannot change?
What good comes out of dwelling on things that has already happened that you cannot change?

Everyone goes through some type of stress everyday.

No one likes that feeling of stress or anxiety. The rush of your heartbeat, sweating palms the feeling of the weight of the world being placed on your shoulders. And what about the tight rubber band always getting tide tighter and tighter around your head... oh yeah can't forget those headaches and migraines. Everyone is trying to find a quick fix for this, there are way too many unhealthy ways people come up with the reduce stress and anxiety, and that is not a good habit to get into. Maybe some people might have told you about some "magic pills" that can relax you or what about those coo coo heads who take a shot of whiskey every time they get stressed. Yeah you know what I am talking about, now THAT is extremely dangerous and very unhealthy. So what do you do about it? Well let me tell you.

Relieving stress and anxiety is a lot more simple that most may think and most people already have all the tools and know how to get the job done. There are many simple and natural things that can be done to relieve your body of unwanted pressures that just make life more difficult.

First things first, BREATH!

This may sound silly because everyone breaths on their own involuntarily. But people tend to breath different when anxious, are many people who when get under pressure breath shorter and faster. This is a sure fire way to get you even more stressed and in some rare cases cause you to pass out or feel lightheaded or dizzy. Well basically because your not getting enough oxygen to your brain. This happened to me a few years ago and it was not fun. I didn't know what was wrong, I was just in the middle of class and started to feel dizzy and lightheaded and very sweaty... this was because of my anxiety and this can all be resolved if you just stop relax and BREATH. Some people may think they have some kind of disorder when all they have to do is stop and breath. I'm not saying there is so such think has a anxiety disorder, if you think you may be experiencing major anxiety symptoms then you need to go to a doctor. This that I am writing is for minor anxiety and stress of everyday lives. So learn to breath deeper and slower it will help you a lot more than you may think.

Eat healthy

Some of the most common reasons why people have greater stress is because of there poor diet choices. Pressure and stress comes with a busy schedule and most the time they don't have time to actually cook a healthy meal at home. So the best and fastest option would be to go through the drive thru and pick up something they can eat fast, and in most cases it is very unhealthy. There are healthy alternatives for snacks and foods you can eat on the go. For example... Fruit, cheese, nuts and grains. Just your basic light and healthy choices and of course keep portion control in consideration as well.

Another basic one is EXCERSICE.

Some people think this wont actually help, but believe it or not letting out all your aggression with exercise can be extremely therapeutic. What I do when I get too anxious or stressed is I just channel all my pressures and everything that may make me feel stressed into my work out. I let it DRIVE me to work harder. That is what you can do, if you are having trouble getting motivated just let the pressures out through a punching bag or running laps. It relives so much stress and is all together healthier in the long run. Along with meditation and yoga, let that be your cool down. So after embellishing your pressure and arising the stress to the surface to destroy it, then let it melt away with a nice cool down. It is cleansing to the soul and helps clear your mind. Don't forget to breath.

There is no real fast and easy "cure" for stress, it happens everyday to everyone. Depending on how busy you are, just keep these simple steps in your mind and you will be good as gold!


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    • lifehealpraise profile image


      9 years ago from South Florida

      I love breathing and meditating. Thanks for the reminder - it's easy to forget about these simple ways to relieve stress, anxiety and worries.


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