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Calm your nervous system with this simple anti-stress technique

Updated on April 6, 2015

The Effects of Stress

Stress changes our breathing pattern producing a chemical reaction in the body that creates acidic waste. An accumulation of acidic waste won’t affect us at all at first or at least we might think so. With time though this build up will cause us to age faster, be more susceptible to illness and even be the true cause for many ailments.

Don't let stress get a hold of your body. Become aware of it and find ways to calm down your nervous system. Discover relaxation therapies and make them your best friend. One of the easiest self-help relaxation therapies is an ancient Japanese technique called Jin Shin Jyutsu. As a Massage Therapist and Natural Healer I know about the positive effects Jin Shin Jyutsu can have on people.

But before I teach you these simple steps, there are a few things you need to know about releasing energetic blockages. Most important, you have to open yourself to receiving help, even if it is self-help. Breathe deeply during the entire time while allowing your body to relax slowly reaching deep relaxation.

Preparation for Jin Shin Jyutsu Anti Stress Technique

Before you start this ancient relaxation technique it is important that you find a quiet place. Turn off lights and cell phones. Light some candles for good energy. Make yourself a warm cup of camomille tea. Slowly sip on your tea. Listen to some very calming and relaxing music. Take in deep breaths. Let you stomach expand and then exhale by slowly letting the air out of your stomach again. Keep remembering to practice deep breathing during the whole duration of Jin Shin Jyutsu. This is very important.

Make yourself comfortable by laying on your back. This can be on a massage table or your bed. It should be comfortable so you can allow yourself to relax.

I will teach you several holds. During each hold you will put your hand on top of the mentioned area without applying pressure. Your fingers should focus on the area as they are the most sensitive body part. Hold each area until you can feel a pulsating sensation. This pulse can be very light to very heavy. The goal is to feel it in both hands (fingers) simultaneously. Sometimes it can take a long time (up to several minutes) to get the pulses to beat at the same time. Focus on your deep breathing and relaxing your body.

Main Central Vertical Flow

The picture on the right will show you all the different energy points involved in the main central vertical flow relaxation technique. Follow the directions below and use the picture for reference to help you locate the points. Make sure you don't rush through the different holds or put too much pressure on yourself in feeling the pulses. Just focus on relaxing and letting go. It is possible that you may fall asleep during this relaxation technique before you have gotten to the last hold. It is also possible that you may feel a tingling sensation or warmth flowing through certain areas of your body. That is normal and a sign that your energy flow has improved.

2. Your head and nose

Keep your right hand on top of your head and move your left hand to your nose having your index, middle and ring finger lightly touch the tip of your nose. Breathe deeply again and and listen for a pulse with the fingertips of each hand. If you are dealing with a lot of stress it can sometimes take 20 minutes to feel that pulse. Nevertheless, don’t rush yourself. Just keep breathing and relaxing, allowing your body to let go. Once you feel a pulse simoultaneously, you may lift your left hand off your nose.

1. Your head and forehead

Start by laying flat on your back. Have the fingers of your right hand touch the very top of your head while the fingers of your left hand touch the middle of your forehead. Keep on breathing deeply and let go of your stress with every exhalation. Carefully listen for a light pulse that can be felt within your fingers. If you can feel a pulse at the fingertips of your left and your right hand simultaneously, then you can lift your left hand off moving on to the next hold.

4. Your head and your solar plexus

Your right hand is still on top of your head. Your left hand will now move down to the solar plexus. The solar plexus is the area below your sternum. As you go down the middle of your ripcage you will notice a drop into soft tissue. This is your solar plexus. Again focus on breathing deeply allowing every breath to guide you into deeper relaxation. Once you have felt your pulses, you may lift your left hand off your solar plexus

3. Your head and your sternum

Your right hand still stays on top of your head. Your left hand will now touch the center of the sternum. This area is located in the middle of your chest below your collar bone and above your nipples straight down the center line where left rips meet right rips.. Touch the area softly. Don’t apply any pressure at all. Breathe deeply and allow your body to relax. Are you feeling that pulse simultaneously yet? If so, you may now lift the left hand off the central sternum.

6. Your pubic bone and your tailbone

While your left hand rests on top of your pubic bone you take your right hand and slide it below your back onto your tailbone. This Jin Shin Jyutsu hold will connect your upper body with your lower body. Once you feel the pulses at the same time, you may remove both hands. Take in a few more deep breaths and let go all together.

5. Your head and your pubic bone

Your right hand is still on top of your head. Your left hand will move all the way down on top of your pubic bone. Rest your fingers without applying any pressure. Hold this position until you feel a pulse in the tip of your fingers simultaneously. Leave your left hand on top of your pubic bone and lift your right hand off your head.


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