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Reducing High Blood Pressure with Yoga

Updated on January 6, 2015

Using Yoga to Reduce Your High Blood Pressure

One of the biggest factors behind high blood pressure is stress.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years to balance mind and body in a low-impact manner. It's no secret that these ancient techniques eliminate stress and bring a sense of peace to the people practicing yoga.

People suffering from high blood pressure need something to reduce their stress levels and yoga is perfect for this.

Positive Focus

When you are sick it becomes very hard to think positive.

Yoga helps divert you mind from the negative and focuses on the positive. You temporarily forget about high blood pressure, you put aside problems, you are focusing on the moment.

This entire yoga process is targeted at one thing - reducing stress. Reducing stress is very important when treating high blood pressure. If your daily routine is surrounded by stressful activities, then yoga can be just the thing for you to try to unwind.

In our pursuit of natural and effective ways tolower blood pressure we include yoga as a viable option. Yoga falls into the category of "meditative and relaxation techniques."

Yoga is a great technique in that you can do a variety of simple breathing and relaxation exercises on your own. You can do these exercises at home, at work, at your desk - all that's needed is a small space and about 5 minutes.

Reducing High Blood Pressure Using Yoga

The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Yuj' which essentially means to join or unite.

The union referred to is that of the individual self uniting with Cosmic Consciousness or the Universal Spirit. Yoga is a means to "achieving this goal."

Yoga's History

Born in India almost 26,000 years ago, Yoga is believed to have evolved during the period of the ‘Sat Yuga’, also called the Golden age.

The two main ways you can reduce high blood pressure is both with breathing exercises and physical positions. The breathing exercises are for stress reduction and focus. The multiple siting and stretching positions are for muscle control and cardio stimulation.

It's a combination of mind and body, releasing all tension and negative thoughts that help reduce blood pressure. If you haven't tried it you might think...this sounds to easy to work.

As we live in a society that depends on a pill or some complicated formula to solve things, nature has a different idea.

With a condition like high blood pressure you want to practice yoga under the watch of a professional. It's advised, at least in the beginning, to work with a trusted yoga instructor.

Some of the positions like bending over or other positions that place your head below your heart can cause problems.

Benefits of Doing Yoga

You don't have to be sick to benefit from yoga.

Generically, yoga provides cardio and emotional benefits. Yoga also boosts your immune system through cardio exercises. Yoga promotes a positive attitude and reduces stress. The exercises rid your body of toxins cleansing vital organs.

The entire yoga experience improves functionality and helps your body and mind tackle whatever ailments you might have. This is the true benefit of doing yoga.

High blood pressure increases your chances of further complication such as kidney and/or heart problems. Doing yoga will help reduce these risks when you do it under the watchful eye of a trusted yoga instructor.

Remember - even good things can be bad when done wrong or done to quickly.

There are other things you can due to lower your blood pressure. There's some interesting articles on high blood pressure cures and using garlic supplements that will also help you treat high blood pressure - take a look.


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