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Reflections on Humanity

Updated on May 19, 2016
IvoryTusk profile image

IvoryTusk has been a public high school teacher since 2004 and a professional chaplain since 2013.

Things to Ponder

After working with a client who has been stuck in the same situation for more than a year with very little growth, we got to a very small breakthrough the other day. It was exciting and difficult, and led to my client working with a new perspective, and me reflecting deeply on my own relationships and interactions.

Many of us can see the world around us as though we are not good enough, not smart enough, not thin enough, not fat enough, not athletic enough, not talented enough...We need to start seeing ourselves as *enough.* And where we are lacking on our own, another's support is exactly what we need.

The following bits are my small reflections; hopefully they can help you a bit to reach your own breakthroughs.

On Jealousy

Don't ever be jealous of another person's life for what they have, or how they think, or love, or anything else. Don't ever wish to walk in someone else's shoes when your own are giving you discomfort along the path that you follow.

On Life's Gifts

Life is amazing and full of gifts, many of which we regret losing the gift receipt for and are ticked that we can't return. If all you have is cluttering up your space and causing unrest, perhaps it is better served either sharing with another person or storing away until a pensive time can help you see the value in it.

On Relationships

There is no such thing as an ideal relationship. Friends, colleagues,husbands, wives, children, parents, hairdressers, grocery baggers, etc. will all let you down at some point or another. They are human, just like you. In a healthy relationship, you can change your perspective and see that it is probably not them but something in yourself that is the source of discord. If it is an unhealthy relationship, you are powerful and loving enough to make the best choices that suit you and the comfort level of your own shoes, along with the gradient of your path to feel as healthy as you can.

On Moments

The best moments are usually a part of your worst days. Don't feel as though you have to ignore the bad parts as though they never happened. You also do not have to think that the bad parts entirely negate and wipe out the good. The brilliant moments don't take away from the terrible ones, but they do add to a beautiful treasure trove you can visit and rest in for a bit when everything else seems overwhelming.

On Envy

Envy is the selfish side of love. "I love this person, but I hate that they have [whatever it is] that I don't." When you feel stuck in envy, remember to turn outward in love. You can shift your focus instead to say, "How wonderful it is to have the love of so and so, and that we can share the the best of each other for each other when it's needed."

On Being Overwhelmed

You are not alone. If you are feeling lonely, isolated, and stuck in a sense of being overwhelmed, the hardest thing to do is reach out. You can try something different with different people. A small change in routine and even the faces of those around you within a level of trust you have among friends can make enough of a difference in coping with life's burdens and stresses.

On Reaching Out

It is possible to tap out resources, especially when seeking moral and emotional support. If talking to the same person is not generating the kind of result you are craving or expecting, it doesn't mean that you no longer have a deep connection and bond with that friend, but rather what you need is not available from that friend at the moment. It is okay to reach out to others, and to lovingly give time.

And no matter what, the hardest path can be made a little easier with ice cream.

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Tell Me What You Think

In the comments section, feel free to talk about how these reflections sit with you. Are there some you relate to? Do they seem too simplistic, perhaps? Is there anything you would like me to elaborate on in a more in-depth Hub? Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

© 2016 IvoryTusk


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