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Reflexology - The feet are a mirror of health

Updated on June 17, 2013

Reflexology is an ancient skill that is based on applying pressure to reflex points on the feet and hands, which are associated with certain organs, and in order to improve their functions.

Chinese doctors have made precise maps of reflex zones on the feet and hands 5000 years ago, since when these skill is applied. Reflexology is mainly present in Eastern cultures, but becomes more and more popular in Europe and America.

Map of our entire body is thoroughly presented on the feet and hands, considering that the left foot corresponds to the left side and the right with the right side of the body

More accurate than a stethoscope

Applying pressure to reflex points on the feet, the therapist can detect imbalance in some parts of the body and with certain massage techniques, using the thumb and fingers, stimulate before this imbalance manifests as a symptom of the disease. When all the imbalances are unblocked, re-flow of life energy is enabled, and the body returns to balance.

The first reflexology treatment is also diagnostic because pain at some point of the foot shows which organ suffers, whether it is acute or chronic phase of the disease. If the pain is sharp and penetrating, it is an acute problem, while dull pain usually indicates a chronic problem that has weakened certain organ.

Using reflexotherapy we can easily determine that, for example, disrupted kidney function caused hearing loss, and that the disturbance of liver led to vision disorders or other health problems.

Massaging the zones on the feet, milder or stronger, we will provoke the pain that will show us in what energy state is the organ which we treat. Hands and feet are extremely sensitive to the touch, and their massage can run blocked meridians in the body and stimulate the detoxification process. Advantage of reflexotherapy is reflected in the possibilities of combining with other therapeutic techniques.

Reflexotherapy with essential oils can be used for relaxation, circulation improvement and concentration, raising the overall tone and revitalization of the body, reducing nervous tension and aggression, elimination of chronic fatigue.

Cures bunions without scalpel

Combining reflexotherapy and certain tonics can affect the removal of pain in deformed feet, with severe bunions. Continuous pressure on the shortened tendons and muscles removes blockages, and the foot will return to its original form.

With this method sinusitis and spine problems in children can be treated. If a child falls and hurts finger, with points on the feet creation of the island can be prevented, without having to touch the injured place. Even if the treatment is not done immediately, using reflexology may speed up recovery.

In many European countries such as Germany and the Netherlands, this treatment can be prescribed and by a general practitioner. Today, in many clinics and private practices in the world, reflexology of the foot is equally represented as physical therapy.

What can foot massage heal?

Reflexology is applied for the healing of almost all organs and most body parts, and the most efficient is at:

• sports injuries

• pain in the back, shoulder, neck

• stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea

• menstrual pain

• headaches

• in chronic fatigue

• stress, depression, anxiety

• asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis

• High blood pressure

• circulatory disorders

Try its benefits

Headache - massage your thumb and tips of the toes until the pain in head stops. Sometimes you will need five, sometimes 15 minutes.

Earache - massage alternating small and ring finger on both hands and the pain will stop.

Toothache - Gently squeeze and massage with circular movements the middle finger of either hand.

Gastric complaints - Gently massage the base of the thumb and the middle of the palm. If there is a pain, stop immediately because it could mean that you need medical help.


• Reflexology is an ancient holistic therapy based on stimulating reflex points on the feet.
• Each reflex feet point stimulates the particular organ.
• During treatment, the therapist stimulates around 7,000 nerve endings.
• Origins of reflexology are linked to China from the period before 5000 years, and is practiced in Egypt also. In Egypt was found grave from 2,230 BC with drawing of therapist who massaged feet.


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