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Baby Acid Reflux or Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease: Baby Health Issue

Updated on July 10, 2013

What is a reflux?

Baby Acid Reflux is an event on which the milk or food your baby has swallowed comes up into his esophagus or his mouth.

Another medical terms are GERD- Gastro esophageal reflux disease.

This can look mild but is dangerous if you do not seek immediate consultation.


  • lower oesophageal sphincter (a band of muscle at the lower end of the oesophagus) relaxing at inappropriate times
  • increased pressure in the abdomen
  • food sensitivities
  • hereditary factors
  • and medical conditions that affect nerves or muscles.


  • Effortless spitting up

Why is this happening?

Get a bottle of soft drink then shake it. Open it and the liquid will burst out from the mouth of the bottle. The gas cause the milk, that is swallowed by the baby, to come up. This scenario explained how the baby is spitting up the milk that you previously feed to him. Sometimes it only comes up to the esophagus, which can be more dangerous. The air passages are being blocked by the milk.

  • Coughing

Why is this happening?

Have you experienced vomiting? After that incident normally you cough. You clear your throats.

A vomit is often followed by coughing due to the irritation or uneasiness caused by the residue in the food pipe. For babies, it is one of the natural or involuntary actions. Another reason is, the taste of the liquid being spit out is sour. Since the milk has been swallowed already, some acid that is present in our stomach has been mixed already with the food. The acid found in our stomach is called hydrochloric acid or gastric acid. Acidity irritates the throat. Normally that acid has a ph of 6.8 near acidic. Remember that the neutral ph is 7. Generally, water has a ph of 7, meaning not base and not acid.

  • Choking

Why is this happening?

Something is blocking in the airflow of your baby. It is the milk being spit out but was clogged in the air passage way. This cause the baby to experience choking.

  • Turning blue (worst scenario)

Why is this happening?

Did you know that we have a body part that share the digestive and respiratory systems' process? Normally we breath with our nose but we can sometimes breath with our mouth. It is connected both to our nose and mouth.Yes, it is the pharynx.

Imagine that your baby with his tiny and narrow esophagus, was choked with the milk that he is about to spit out. It blocked the air passage way and the air can no longer enter to bring the oxygen which a baby needs to survive.

Frightening isn't it? But this is the reality of the worst scenario of a baby acid reflux.

Don't worry. Below is a first aid demonstration to guide and help you on this scenario.

Trivia of the hub

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My baby's pediatrician recommended to use Anti-Regurgitation or AR Formula as her milk to refrain baby reflux

First aid for baby choking

First aid is very important especially at crucial point when the baby is choked.

1. Do the Downward Pat

  • Position your baby.

Put your ring finger on the right side of her face and your point finger on the left side of her face. Then tilt her down in an estimate of 90 degrees with her head lower than her body as being shown in the pic.

  • Pat her back downwards

Moderately do this 3 times.


2. Do the press using fingers

  • Position your baby.

This time the baby now is facing upwards, with the head still lower than his body in 90 degrees.

  • Press the point using 2 or more fingers

Use your index finger and the middle finger. The point to press is at the center and below the breast bone. If are unsure where this point is located put your hand in between the babies nipples. Go 2 inches down until you feel no more the breast bone. This area is sensitive that when you press it, it will make the baby vomit whatever obstruction there is.


3. Do it alternately

Until the baby's normal color doesn't return do this alternately.

What is the normal color?

It depends on the baby's normal skin color. The baby should not have that bluish color.

What to do next?

In case of emergency call the emergency hotline in your country. Do not panic and do the first aid while waiting for help.

I hope you learned something from this article. This can help you save someone's life....


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    • Erin Joslin profile image

      Erin Joslin 4 years ago from New Mexico

      No problem. I just thought it should be pointed out, considering pyloric stenosis is often mistaken for simply GERD.

    • Maricarmjolo profile image

      Maricar M. Jolo 4 years ago from Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

      I will research that too and update my hub.. Thanks Erin! I appreciate ur comment :D

    • Erin Joslin profile image

      Erin Joslin 4 years ago from New Mexico

      Another reason that infants might spit up excessively is pyloric stenosis. That is when the sphincter leading out of the stomach is too small.

    • Mohammedbasheer profile image

      Mohammedbasheer 4 years ago from Manama, Bahrain

      very useful...