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Regaining Strength

Updated on April 30, 2011

Getting Old Self Back

     Since I've been sleeping with my head shielded with Silver-Tex and Silver-mesh shirts(check out plus music, I wake up feeling refreshed and energized.  Electronically-harassed people are being robbed of energy and life as well as being tortured.  Ever feel like your body/mind is weak from the electrical harassment?  I've had trouble getting out of bed for the last month and just 4 nights of totally protected sleep have changed my energy-level. 

     If everyone simply protected their heads when they slept, you'd see a change in America almost literally overnight.  THIS is the time that our minds are completely vulnerable.  I've had to sometimes push un-wanted thoughts out of my head during the night, our minds are unable to refuse this garbage.  We KNOW that they can give us custom-made nightmares.  I've had my fair share of times waking up with my ears ringing after a particularly sanity-jolting dream.  Some people lose their minds over this stuff and give in to the flow of "electronic reality" right then and there.

     Before, I was sleeping up to 15 hours per day and getting up was still an uphill battle.  This is the psychological aspect of electronic harassment - it drains you of inner-strength just like a collective psychic vampire.  They actually have the nerve to call us "Jews" or "Thieves" for taking back our God-given right to live and pursue happiness.  It's as though being miserable is some kind of un-written Law and those who find ways of feeling good are treated as criminals.  Of course all this is how it is because we are being FORCE-FED these subliminal messages all day and ALL NIGHT LONG through our EARS! 

     Once you've slept a good week with head protection/music, you'll notice that your life has been set on repeat with a constant erasure of self-empowering experiences and ideas.  Not only that, you feel:  weak, sick and stressed-out.  I haven't felt this good in months!  You start thinking of what you want out of life instead of just surviving and the world loses that "Alien" feel.  This, of course is what our government doesn't want.  People will not only start thinking for themselves, they'll start wanting more out of life.  Instead of marching in-step to these Binaural commands that synchronize them like pheromones do in ant colonies, they'll start doing what THEY WANT again.  Let's hope it's that simple!


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