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Regarding Responsibility

Updated on March 13, 2011

Whoa, whoa! This is a big topic to discuss here, eh?! I am taking this one slowly, putting in a lot of thought because it seems to be a totally reoccurring theme in my life. It’s one of those life realizations that hits me between the eyes like a brick and reminds me to wake up. Then I realize I need to be more accountable to myself and my life in general.

I used to say that my anger motivates me to do things that make me more responsible for my life choices. Since I know that anger is only “fear out loud” and since F-E-A-R stands for “False Expectations Appearing Real”, I know that anger can’t be the reason I get motivated. The true reason I need to be motivated to get healthier, be financially secure, be emotionally calm, mentally alert and spiritually complete is this: when I achieve all these things, that’s when I will really be able to know that Who I Truly Am is way bigger, way deeper than the person I have believed I was all these years! Living in the truest expression of my Highest Self is my ultimate goal!

The picture (above) shows that in order to achieve our dreams, we must have Dedication, Responsibility, Education, Attitude and Motivation. You couldn't get any more real than that!

There’s a story about a Mother bird who was trying to teach her babies to fly. They were very young and were scared to pieces. The Mother bird kept saying, “Come to the edge, you will be okay, come to the edge.” All the babies were crying and shaking and scared to go to the edge of the mountain they lived on because they didn’t want to get pushed over the edge and die a horrible death by crashing to the rocks below. Their Mother had spent weeks practicing with them, teaching them to open their wings and run, just so they could get a tiny hint of what it would feel like to fly. The babies were still scared. They knew they had to do what their Mother said so one by one, they walked timidly to the edge. The Mother bird said, “Now, don’t look down! Just spread your wings, look straight ahead and watch what happens!” At that moment, she pushed the first baby and lo and behold, he FLEW! So did the next one and the next one.

That’s a story I need to constantly remember. I learned that the experience in life that I am closest to is the one I fear the most. For example, I may be close to being really successful at losing weight or getting a raise or finding the love of my life and yet I am scared to death because I am afraid of what my life would look like once I’ve lost weight or gotten a raise or found the love of my life. Most of us are afraid of the unknown. However, if we live by the thought that F-E-A-R is “False Expectations Appearing Real,” we can choose to override that thought and believe in our innate empowerment. We can choose to understand that we can achieve anything we put our mind to; there is nothing that can defeat us and nobody that can destroy us unless we give permission for the event or that person to do so!

Ironically, a lot of people have this idea that if we are responsible, we can’t be carefree. I believe that if we become more of Who We Truly Are, it opens the door for us to BE more carefree. We have less heartache, less negativity and less worry when we are responsible and “have our house in order.” Being negligent or irresponsible or apathetic about our body, mind and spirit and finances is definitely not synonymous with being carefree!

With responsibility comes the practice of discipline. The discipline is not meant to be a way of life that you resent. It should come from a way of life that you cherish. The cherishing comes from within. It comes from being aware of Who You Truly Are. It comes from an innate sense of empowerment. It comes from realizing that you are valuable, worthy, loveable, precious and deserving of your heart’s desire and your life’s purpose. Believe in yourself and believe in your dreams. They are all part of your purpose for being here, if you so choose to attain them.


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    • profile image

      Lene Lynn 

      7 years ago

      Hi Jean! I really appreciate your comment, thank you! And I will do my best to always keep up the good work! Thank you SO much for follwing me!

    • Jean Bakula profile image

      Jean Bakula 

      7 years ago from New Jersey


      I always thought that there is a sense of freedom in responsibility. When you take charge of what you are doing and where you are going, doors open. Keep up the good work!


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