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Regular practice of meditation helps us to attain steady and one pointed concentration

Updated on February 2, 2016

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A simple practice method of meditation

Regular practice of meditation helps us to attain steady and one pointed concentration

Our mind wants to run away from the object of meditation. But through the practice of moral culture, we should succeed in minimizing these disturbance of the mind. And further, as we do our japa and meditation we give the mind a certain theme, that is the divine Name we repeat and the Divine form we visualize. All these serve to focus the mind and hold our attention within. We should consider Him with a little love in our heart. At the point when there is some affection and commitment in our heart for our Chosen perfect, it turns out to be simple for us to take after the way of japa and contemplation.

Constant remembrance of God is called meditation; whether it is prayer or japa work or worship or singing the lord's glory, the mind should always dwell on the lotus feet of God, with out any distraction whatsoever. Even while performing our day to day activities, we should try remember Him.

Regular practice of meditation helps us to attain steady and one pointed concentration.

A simple practice method of meditation

If you want to follow the formless meditation, merge you body, mind, the whole world and everything into God. Think: I am a little sphere of light, and the Supreme Being is the infinite Sphere of Light, shining everywhere. But so long as we have body consciousness and too much of the sense of personality, we cannot practise this type of meditation. In this way, now feel that you soul is putting on an unadulterated unpretentious body and immaculate physical body and that the interminable Spirit takes the type of the Istadevata, the Divine Ideal we adore.

First of all, meditate on the blissful luminous Divine form of Istadevata. Then meditate on his infinite Purity, His infinite Love, His infinite Compassion. Finally, meditate on his infinite Consciousness in Which He is, as were drowned.

When real harmony is established in our mind, in our soul, in a spontaneous way, we feel we are in touch with the cosmic harmony. Even our body is a part of the cosmic Body... Our mind is a part of the cosmic Mind. Our soul is part of the Cosmic Spirit. Many who practise spiritual discipline and meditation attend to this state of consciousness.

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