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Reiki 101, Everything You Want To Know

Updated on May 20, 2013

So Many Questions, Would You Like To Get The Answers?

Do you think about Reiki initiation? I'm sure you might have many answers about Reiki. This article is meant to answer as many popular questions regarding Reiki, as possible. Continue reading, and enjoy. And if you have more questions, don't forget to ask them in the comments, so I could update this hub.

Can Reiki Really Heal?

This is the most popular question - and the answer is tricky...

Reiki can't heal cancer, nor a flu, at least not directly - Reiki should be considered as additional support for other methods of therapy, not as the ultimate cure. But it should be used for all possible illnesses and dysfunctions, both physical and mental, even spiritual.

More than that - remember that Reiki isn't only used for healing, but it can be also used for spiritual growth, or even for developing psychic abilities.

So Many Reiki Schools, Which One To Choose?

There are so many Reiki schools, yes, but the truth is - there's only one original school that you should focus upon - Usui Reiki Ryoho. It's the original Reiki teached by Mikao Usui. All other Reiki's:

  • Golden Reiki
  • Egyptian Reiki
  • Angel Reiki
  • Kundalini Reiki
  • Etc...
Are purely useless. They're still using the same energy, but with additional symbols and rituals that has been designed during Channeling and re-translating the knowledge of other systems. From such chaos and lies made by channeling entities, no order can be created. Such additional Reiki schools exist only for one reason - to suck more cash out of you. They won't give you anything specific. Stick to original Reiki and focus on developing this school and techniques.

Recommended book

Learn Reiki: First Degree - Shoden
Learn Reiki: First Degree - Shoden

"Learn Reiki: The First Degree Manual" is a complete guidebook to the practice of the first degree of Reiki, called Shoden.


Is Reiki a Religion? Or Sect?

This is a common question asked by people influenced by religious propaganda ;). No, Reiki is not a religion, nor a sect. There is no god in Reiki, no deities, no prayers. Reiki is the energy used for specific purposes, and thus, it's no religion at all.

It should be considered more as technique than anything to believe in...

Can I Self-Attune To Reiki?

The Internet is filled with information that you can perform so called "self-attunement" and connect to Reiki energies on your own. Unfortunately, this is not 100% true. Sure, you can become attuned to Reiki on your own, but you should:

  • Study sacred texts and develop on spiritual level
  • Practice meditation for many, many years
  • Then go for a solitude and meditate for days, weeks, months, maybe years in order to achieve Satori.
Otherwise, don't even dream about self-attunement. There is a reason why Mikao Usui, the re-discoverer of Reiki, created the process of attunement - as he was already connected to Reiki, he was able to use it, to re-connect other people. Attunement performed by Reiki teacher is mandatory if you want to be connected to Reiki.

Can I Be Attuned By Master Remotely?

This question is tricky one - technically yes, you can be attuned by Reiki teacher remotely, but only after 1st degree. So when you're already Reiki 1st degree, a master might try to attune you to 2nd level remotely. But it's not recommended, because:

  • Direct contact is helpful - additional touch, or close proximity between teacher and student improves they way Reiki flows. In addition, during Reiki initiation, you gain a lot of practical and theoretical knowledge - it's better to learn it in person, than from books or internet.
  • Environment¬†must be prepared - a Teacher is usually cleansing the room of negative energies. It can be performed remotely, but again, you never know what might occur during remote cleansing and attunement, maybe something will get inside the room and the energies will become dirty...

I've Learned Reiki Symbols - Can I Use Them Now?

Of course you can use them - but they won't work :). Reiki symbols are quite mysterious to some people because the fact they were kept in secret for long time. But one way or another, they have found their way to general public, and people can find them using Google. But the fact is - Reiki symbols will not work until they're imprinted into your energy body during Reiki initiation. So again, you need to be initiated, otherwise Reiki symbols are just symbols with no real meaning.

Was Mikao Usui A Real Doctor of Medicine?

One of the popular mistakes made by some sources is to refer to Mikao Usui as Doctor. You can find "Dr Mikao Usui" in many places around the Web. Was he really a Doctor? Technically, yes and no. He wasn't a Doctor of Medicine or anything like that. 

Usui spent some time on the Emperor's Court - where he received an honorary title of Doctor. So he had no diploma really, but Japanese Emperor liked him :).

More questions?

If you have more questions, ask them within the comments below, and I will answer them by updating this Hub.


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