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Reiki: Bringing you closer to Spirit

Updated on April 22, 2011

Over the years people have been looking for a solution to their problems. They have been searching for truth and enlightenment. They have been pondering our existence on earth. Although Reiki does not solve every problem, it gives you the ability to heal your mind and body to the point that you are able to discern what these answers are for yourself.

We as people, tend to look for some kind of Guidance and solution that has been sitting in our lap the whole time. We look for others to tell us what to do and how to do it. Innately we all have a built in conscious, but we still tend to look for someone to reassure us and tell us that what we are doing is right or wrong. Some religions, while being led by people that intend good things, will lead their followers to not be able to think for themselves and thus end up with a feeling of incompleteness. 

Reiki is by no means a religion. But it helps you to connect to your higher self that has been ever present from the moment you were created in your mothers belly. During a session, you may have an epiphany or awareness of a guide or guiding angel that has been trying to keep you on the right track from the get-go. Your Reiki practitioner may have visions or thoughts that they feel they need to share with you. They may also sense and feel compelled to share their knowledge of what they have picked up from your body heat and aura. You may have underlying health conditions or even mental conditions that need to be addressed but that you have been ignoring and hoping that it goes away. Don't worry, most of us tend to do this before we become aware of our mind and body connections. Our bodies tend to be very unhealthy if we are suppressing emotions that have never been dealt with. 

One way to help clear our minds and aura or body energy that surrounds us is to receive a daily treatment of Reiki. This can be done by getting a Reiki attunement or seeking out a Reiki practitioner. Although most of us, as Reiki practitioners, would love to give these treatments for free, we are unable to. If we did, there leaves no room for responsibility on your end to make the necessary improvements that need to be made in order to begin your healing process. Another method that can help you to clear your body energy, mind and aura is to meditate daily. It works by clearing your mind and aura and putting daily headaches into perspective.


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