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Reiki Massage

Updated on June 1, 2011

Reiki is a form of energy healing. Our bodies consist of various states of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energies. Reiki massage therapy treats imbalances in the flow of those energies through the body. It will make you feel renewed and energized. The word Reiki translates to “Universal Life Energy.” Reiki therapy restores your life energy and gives you balance and harmony.

Reiki is often called “laying of the hands” because it involves a Reiki practitioner transporting ki energy through the palms of their hands to the recipient of the Reiki therapy. The Reiki practitioner will place their palms on the various points of the body called Chakras in order to restore the body’s life force and is known to be extremely beneficial giving the person a feeling of total relaxation and well being.

Chakras and Reiki Massage

Chakras are energy centers in the body. There are seven chakras and they are located at various points of the body from the the top of the head to the bottom of the pelvis. Each Chakra is related to the energy in specific parts of the body and if Reiki is used to treat those specific Chakras then that organ or body part will be free of pain and the energy will be flowing clearly.

The root Chakra represents the energy of the physical being of the body and is located in the lower part of the pelvis. The navel Chakra is located by the belly button and the energy source for emotions and creativity. The Chakra right above the navel is called the Solar Plexus and it is in this area is where the energy of personality and feeling is formed. The heart chakra is located in the center of the heart and is where the energy of love is developed. The throat chakra by the inner collarbone has control over the energy of sound. The third eye chokra is positioned between the eyes and is the energy of being. The final chokra is the Crown chokra and is located at the top of the head and from it all contact with the energy of the universe evolves.

The body is made up of meridians or channels through which energy or Ki flows. If you can, imagine a river with various branches flowing through the countryside. When the water flow gets blocked by fallen trees or log jams then the water does not move like it should. So it is with the energy that flows in the body. Physical ailments are a result of blocked energy flow and Reiki massage to the various Chakras will restore the flow.

Reiki Massage Therapy

The recipient of the Reiki therapy will lie on a Reiki massage table and can be fully clothed as Reiki does not require skin to skin contact. The atmosphere is usually one of total relaxation with meditation type music playing. The Reiki practitioner will place their hands in various positions on the body in order to get the flow of energy going in the right direction.
Reiki is a healing technique and a spiritual path.

There is no right or wrong way to do Reiki. There are many philosophies behind the practice of Reiki and it has long been used as an enhancement to traditional ways of healing. Reiki massage is beneficial to the mind, body and spirit.

Reiki Massage Therapy Session


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