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Reiki Table For Reiki Massage Therapy

Updated on June 1, 2011

Reiki Session

Reiki therapy is a form of energy healing. A Reiki practitioner is able to restore and balance the body’s energy. The Reiki master lays their hands on the person receiving the therapy in order to bring Ki or energy into the body and as a result heal the body. The atmosphere of a Reiki massage session is a very important part of the healing therapy.

The practitioner will normally have a room that is focused on relaxation and a sense of real peace. The Reiki session will last usually about an hour as the practitioner works on the body from the top to the bottom. The person receiving the Reiki therapy will lie on a Reiki Massage table normally fully clothed but with their shoes off. As the practitioner places their hands in various healing positions, calming music is played along with having a fragrance that is aromatic and promotes a felling of well being.

The Importance of a Reiki Table

It is very important to have a Reiki table that is comfortable so that a person will be totally at ease. It should have a headrest and be wide enough to handle a person of any size so that they can lie with their hands at their side.

Reiki tables can be made of either wood or metal. Both substances have an effect on the energy during a Reiki therapy session. The wood of a table will absorb energy and the metal on the table will act as a conductor of energy. Reiki tables must be easy to clean so as not to leave left over energy from different sessions.

How Will You Feel After A Reiki Session?

Reiki therapy will get the energy flowing through your body. You will definitely feel relaxed, calm and stress free. You may feel that there is a sense of harmony surrounding your body. Some people describe it as feeling energized and others may describe a sense of contentment.  What you get out of a Reiki session is entirely dependent upon how open you are to the energy healing of Reiki.

Relaxation of a Reiki Session

Reiki Massage Table
Reiki Massage Table

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