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Reiki: The Benefits of the Vital Life Force Energy

Updated on May 16, 2014

About Reiki:

Reiki, a Japanese word meaning the 'universal life force.' To put it in simple words, a Japanese technique to bring down the regular stress and an innovative way for the full body healing. The philosophers of this art believe every matter on this earth, including the human beings, absorb this energy or power according to their capacity. Further they believe because of this the whole life force on the earth is stable/normal. Now, the question is how this technique helps one to live better life?


How it works

According to the experts, while doing Reiki the life force enters the body through the human touch. The reason behind is Reiki is an intelligent energy as it could easily enter the problematic region of the body and relieves one from sufferings. Since, Reiki or the life force relieves one from pains or sufferings it is also known as the positive energy. Again, a question arises how one could take the help of this cosmic energy? Well, there two ways to it – One could do it oneself or by taking the help of two to three people who know the art of doing it. The whole Reiki process passes through the guru-shishya (teacher-disciple) tradition. A Reiki specialist absorbs the cosmic energy or the vital life force energy in the different endocrine glands of his body. This energy passes by his hands to different animate/inanimate bodies through the touch. Though an independent treatment process, but continuous studies going on internationally to find out more detailed information about the process.

Experiences of undergoing it for the first time

What happens when one undergoes Reiki for the first time? Well, first it would bring a balance in the emotional level. All a sudden, one would feel relieved from all the worries of life. If one has any acute problem or sadness, it would reach there. One may feel the warm sensation at any particular position of the body. Even there were cases when the level of warmth became unbearable and sometimes people do not realize it at all. To be frank, the feeling varies from person to person. However, after undergoing Reiki for the first time, people fell like undergoing it again because people like the loving powerful touch.

It requires least preparation

It does not need any preparation whatsoever. No such rules as one needs to undergo it empty tummy, full tummy, after taking a bath, etc. One could undergo it any time, anywhere. However, one needs mental preparation to an extent because the process required full concentration. For doing self It, the early dawn best because it helps in concentration and the surrounding is calm. The body remains fresh/receptive after the nights sleep and it could absorb energy better. The ideal time 4am to 6am because in these two hours a special ray comes on the earth. This cosmic ray has the most healing power and the early rays have the powerful life force energy.

It helps children in studies

It helps children in studies. Like computer training, this training should be given to children right from the beginning, at an early stage. It helps in their proper growth, leading a hale and hearty life, having a better outlook, evoking positive thinking and increases concentration.

A woman doing self Reiki
A woman doing self Reiki

It works with the other treatment process

Even though it is an individual treatment process, sometimes for quick healing, it is carried out together with other treatment processes. When one gets under treatment, he/she may feel stressed and sad. When it carried out as an alternate treatment process it helps the patient feel morally much better. It could be carried out irrespective of the Allopathy, homeopathy and Ayurvedic treatments. Since, it helps in increasing the life force energy, it hardly matters which process of treatment a patient undergoing. The body responses better in this process of treatment and helps in increasing the power of treatment.

It maintains hair and skin glow

The face is the mirror of one's heart. Problems like irritation and tension lead to premature aging. Reiki helps removing the negative feelings or mental toxins through the inner cleaning process. Hence, it would help one to lead a happy and contented life. When one smiles it not only makes one look beautiful, but also helps the skin to glow. Hair problems relate closely with liver. Therefore, for remedy one should follow the liver Reiki.

For your awareness

  1. To benefit most from Reiki one should avoid foods/habits that create toxins in the body. One should avoid tea, coffee, cigarette, alcohol, tobaccos, etc.
  2. One should add fresh vegetables and fruits in the food chart because these help in building immunity and cleans the body from inside.
  3. One should drink a lot of water because it helps in removing toxins from the body. The more the body remains toxic fee the more effective it would be.
  4. It takes only two days to learn the art. However, to reap greater benefit one should make sure to hire a reliable/established trainer.
  5. Finally, do not learn it for yourself benefit, rather think on a wider perspective and reach out those who need your expert instant help.

It heals chronic diseases

It helps recover from chronic diseases because more than 95 percent of these diseases related with psychosomatic. Though the symptoms of the diseases are on the body, but root in the mind or psychology. For instance, the cause of arthritis could be the pain of left alone or not being loved/cared in the mind. It removes these types of negative thoughts from one's mind and thus helps in curing. Similarly, other diseases like allergy, ulcer, diabetes, asthma, etc., treated. First, one needs to get a training of three weeks under an expert and after learning the process one could carry out until one gets cured. If a disease detected at the early stage, then complete healing possible through it.

It helps in building cordial relationships

As said before, it works both on body (physique) and mind (psychology). It brings a balance in the emotional levels too. For any problem, a cause remains hidden in the memory. As for diseases, it removes the main source of trouble like germs, deficiency or malfunction of an organ similarly, it removes the seed of negative attitude from the mind. This is because the technique deals with positive energy and this intelligent energy reaches the root source of problems. Moreover, it also helps in bringing balance at emotional levels. It helps one to have enough patience and take neutral look at the various situations of life. Today, to resolve issues in the marital life, help of its technique taken internationally. However, it is not only limited to married life, but also with other human relationships. It helps one to have the clarity in thoughts and take the initiative to find one's fault if any. To improve human relationships, a second degree Reiki is enough.


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