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Reiki and The Chakras - What Are We Missing?

Updated on May 20, 2013

It is a common thing to say that during Reiki initiation the teacher, sometimes called a Reiki Master, opens the student’s chakras in order to allow Reiki to flow and work. Well, it’s, possibly, a common misconception for two reasons. First, the teacher doesn’t open anything - Reiki does. And these are not chakras - these should be tan t'ien that we talk about. It is important to keep this in mind.

The concept of chakras - etheric energy centers in the human etheric bodies, originates from Hindu beliefs, and it has been brought to the Western world through the Theosophical teachings. It is difficult to prove if chakras do exist, even if we accept that they can be perceived through psychic means, for example through clairvoyant vision, or through psychic sensitivity. What we know is that is many corners of the world, structures similars to chakras can be found - based on the theoretical knowledge in existence in these regions of the world. For example, Norse people used to talk about Hvels, and most of the Hebrew and Kabbalah teachings are based on the Tree Of Life, in which Sephiroths represents specific chakras.

The Clairvoyant Vision

Personally, I have seen chakras during my psychic work, and I use the skill of clairvoyant vision in my Reiki practice. The entire concept seems very real to me, since I’ve managed to use the theoretical knowledge of the chakras, to provide people with detailed information about their personality during psychic readings. But still, this is my personal gnosis. What we can say for sure, is that there is something out there - where chakras should be. One more thing to remember - a chakra is just a name. But as I said, the concept of energetic structures inside our body can be found in many places of the world.

During Reiki Initiation, the teacher places his hands on your forehead, and on your heart. It’s the basic reason why some people think they work with chakras.

Often, Reiki practitioners discuss the fact of Reiki influencing chakras - either during healing sessions, or during initiation. And many of the modern schools of Reiki teaches techniques that work upon chakras directly. Or should I say, upon these specific areas of the body where chakras are located. Because of all of this, often, Reiki practitioners must face discussion about the use of the term - chakra - in their practice. The argument is simple - what chakras have to do with Reiki initiations?

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India, Buddhism and Mikao Usui

First, according to some sources, Usui used ancient Buddhist texts in order to recall the knowledge of Reiki techniques. Since Buddhism originates from India, it is possible that Usui’s sources mentioned the existence of chakras. But this is just a theory. Yet, because of the distance between India and Japan, and because of no proofs that Usui ever traveled to India, it is much more possible, that Usui never really heard about chakras. But he was aware of the other concept of energetic centers in the human body - the tan t’iens.

The tan t’iens originate from Esoteric Taoism. There are three tan t’iens - one located in your abdomen, second in the area of your heart, and third in your head. Now, this should sounds familiar - the tan t’iens are located in the same places as second, fourth and sixth chakra. It is not the subject of this article to discuss whether the Hindu took their beliefs from Taoism, or vice versa. I just want to prove that the general concept of energy centers isn’t that far from the truth. It’s just the term that is wrong. Instead of referring to chakras, we should refer to tan t’iens.

Of course, the concepts of tan t’iens and chakras are a bit different from each other, but based on the sources, we can say that the core meaning of these areas of our etheric body is still the same.


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