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Reiki to Heal Your Mind, Body and Soul-Part 1

Updated on July 21, 2010

This is Part 1 of My Reiki Investigation

Reiki is an art form that was created by a Japanese Buddhist named Mikao Usui. It was used to enlighten and heal the receiver and the healer by a "laying on of hands" method. It is considered to be a spiritual practice that is meant to heal, energize and give relief and enlightenment. The healer is the person performing the reiki. The healer (known as either first, second or Master/teacher/practitioner) uses his and life force energy through his hands, and applies his energy to key areas of the body. If done correctly, the receiver feels a tingling sensation or it may feel like an electrical current running through his body. The healer also benefits from this act by receiving the energy impulses coming from the receiver. Alternately, if the energy coming from the receiver is negative, it can be exhausting for the healer.

I am relatively new to the world of Reiki and am curious of the many claims that I have found on the internet. But recently I have had my own personal experience of receiving a Reiki treatment and it has made me want to investigate further into the practice.

My personal experience was receiving a treatment from a friend of my sister. The reason I decided to receive the treatment was to give me some relief from a breast infection, or more commonly known as mastitis, that was due to nursing my 9 month old baby. My first experience, I found, was quite amazing and I really expected nothing to happen, but was pleasantly surprised. Before this experience I have been a critic, but was always very curious. How can you possibly receive any kind of healing or anything for that matter from someone that isn't even touching you? Anyway, during my first experience, expecting nothing, I began to feel a sensation that went from my head to my feet, gently drifting and pulsing. It felt as though my skin had come alive and there was a tingling that was waving through my body, maybe through my blood. After this treatment though, I still felt awful, probably because I should have been seeking medical attention instead of the reiki. But I found that the following day, even though the mark on my breast was reddened more than the day before, the pain was less intense and I actually felt better. I continued to see a doctor though and received antibiotics for my infection.

A couple of days later, however, upon the advise of the Reiki Master, I returned to receive a short and sweet treatment. I sat in a chair this time while she performed the rituals of Reiki. This time was even more dramatic than the last. My body felt even more charged than the time before, it was truly amazing! Since this event, I have felt this charge drifting throughout my body from time time, even though it has been a week, and this makes me want to receive more treatments.

I have read about some amazing stories about people being cured from ailments that should not have been curable, but after receiving Reiki, these people were able to heal on their own, without intervention. One woman had had a heart attack and after receiving a number of treatments and seeing the doctor, he was baffled by her heart because their was no sign of her ever having a heart attack. He thought that he had possibly made a mistake!

In will continue to investigate this phenomena and report back in the following months because this is a discovery that I never imagined to be possible. It was a spiritual experience that cannot be relayed by words alone. You may want to look into this yourself, it is worth the benefits.

Is Reiki worth checking out for the added health benefits?

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