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The Healing Benefits of Reiki

Updated on April 23, 2011

The Benefits of Reiki by the Pain Relief Guy

As an avid believer in the innate power we have to heal ourselves and others, I respect all approaches to healing. Every faith has it's records of enlightened men and women who could make mental and physical ailments disappear.

Raised in the Christian faith, I was immediately inspired as a child by Christ's example of laying hands on the sick. Christ's ability, coupled with his “patient's” belief in his ability produced a profound change at a molecular, even spiritual level.

Even without touching physically, or being in the same room, Jesus would pronounce someone healed, and they would walk, talk, see and/or be freed of their mental "demons" instantly.

The stories of Christ, taught me that everyone, regardless of their religion or faith, can be a conduit for healing. Anyone can receive or reject healing.

It's a choice.

Though the Creator gives us free will and seems to take a hands-off management approach to humanity, he had given us some amazing powers to take care of ourselves.

First, the Creator gives us each other.

Although it's a sign of mental well-being to be able enjoy your own company, it's a also a fact that being in the presence of others can lift our spirit, make us smile again and feel safe, love and validated.

Just being in the presence of a person radiating love and sending their nurturing energy is enough to calm the stormy seas of our inner psyche.

Second, the Creator gives us the power to connect with his essence; a beautiful, intelligent, powerful energy that is everywhere, in everything and always accessible.

Third, the Creator gives us the power to discern that we are energetic beings with a physical (dense energy) component, and that we are able to influence more than what our physical 5 senses can detect.

As energetic beings, we have energetic “reservoirs” that get refilled and depleted constantly. When our energy is out of whack our bodies succumb to infection, chronic pain and feeling of lethargy.

When our energy is optimal, we recover from illness faster, we are able to live in the present, our relationships with others strengthen and we can respond to the chaotic challenges of living in the modern world.

These combined abilities – channeled through our words, our thoughts and our touch – are the source of the healer's power.

I am not an enemy of medicine. Ibuprofen has helped my inflamed back muscles settle down after a long day of giving deep-tissue massages.

The truth is, there are some pains that medications can only mask, not eliminate. In addition to having someone to confide in and help you sort out your issues, I believe that therapeutic, nurturing touch and healing energy work can address the root cause of the pain or at least prepare a person to deal with whatever the future has in store.

This is where Reiki enters the pain and stress relief equation.

Reiki is a proven healing approach originating in Japan that uses non-touch or light-touch techniques. Reiki is based on the universal practice of laying hands on the sick. It is gentle, non-invasive and nurturing.

Reiki practitioners use their gift to access the Creator's healing energy to make you feel better physically and mentally.

Based on your needs and preferences, your Reiki practitioner places their hands near your body, often without touching it.

Or, various parts of your body – specifically areas around the head, shoulders, stomach, legs, and feet – are lightly touched with your consent.

As the Reiki session commences, your practitioner's hands are placed lightly on or just above your body, palms down, using a series of 12 to 15 different hand positions.

They hold each position a few minutes each, giving the energy flowing through their hands adequate time to do what it needs to do to help you feel better.

During your Reiki session, you'll likely remain clothed (unless you are opting to combine elements of Reiki with a traditional relaxation massages).

For your comfort, you will lay down for the duration of the session, which generally lasts for an hour, on a heated massage table in a private therapy room, while specially designed music plays softly in the background.

You may also have your Reiki session performed with you in a seated position in the event that laying down makes you uncomfortable.

We can also perform a shorter Reiki session, in the event of time constraints or difficulty sitting or laying in position for more than 30 minutes.


One of Reiki's biggest benefits is that you'll leave feeling noticeably better, lighter and more relaxed. If you fall asleep during your session, that's perfectly okay. Your body is doing what it needs to do.

The Reiki sessions can reduce feelings of anxiety, depression and stress without drugs. It also encourages healing and energy restoration. Specifically, it gives your entire body a safe place to realign itself energetically and become whole again.

Because the light pressure or zero-pressure techniques, there are no negative side-effects to Reiki. It is excellent for people of all ages and genders.

It is complementary to other therapies you may be receiving including counseling, physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, abuse and addiction recovery programs and conventional medical treatments.

Since its inception, Reiki has been used by people with anxiety, chronic pain, HIV/AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Incontinence and other health conditions. It has been shown to be useful in helping to reduce:

  • Lethargy
  • Depression
  • Cognitive Problems
  • Motor Problems
  • Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Walking Time

Individuals recovering from surgery or experiencing side effects from cancer treatments have found Reiki to be an especially helpful therapy.

The sense of serenity often created through Reiki also makes it an appealing end of life therapy for those who are departing and to their families and caregivers.


The number of Reiki sessions you have here at Milwaukee's Best Massage depends on your health and wellness needs. Although typically, the practitioner delivers at least four sessions over the span of a few weeks, you might only need a single session.

Or, you may choose to come back on an as-needed basis to help you deal with life. Regular sessions keep you grounded.

The choice is your own, and you're welcome to reschedule before you leave.

How much does a Reiki Session cost?

A 60 minute Reiki session may cost between $40.00 to $70.00.


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    • profile image

      Cecilia 3 years ago

      I'm no man but I think it is great that men want to take care of themselves. Why should spa services be a woman's domain? If a man feels that he can benefit from a massage (the non-happy ending kind) and a facial, he should do so. I doubt it has anything to do with going John Galt, a massage takes an hour and most people can take an hour out of their lives at the spa for a little pampering if they choose.