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Rejected by the Gym!

Updated on June 13, 2010

Woman Turned Away by Gym

Can you believe that a woman was told that she is “too fat for the gym?” Yes. Incredible! I know. I was watching ABC’s “Hot Topics” on Saturday, June 12th when I saw the report. I thought it was a fluke at first, but I searched the Internet and found the story.

It so happened that this lady gained an unwanted amount of weight during pregnancy and after giving birth decided that she was done with this excessive weight. She joined the gym and was later told that she was too fat to use the gym’s equipment. I hate to imagine how that poor lady felt.

I can imagine if this was someone who ate irresponsibly and brought this on herself, but she gained all the weight from pregnancy. Even so, the gym is the place you go to shed weight. How can you be told that you are too fat for the gym?

Thankfully, the media got wind of the story and the woman was able to cancel her contract and avoid the cancellation fees. Yes! Additionally, some other gym came to her rescue. She has been able to save some face and is now enrolled in a program to shed the undesirable weight. Great finish for her.

If you or someone you know has found him/herself in a similar situation, or if you are too self-conscious about your weight to join a gym, I have some suggestions for you:

1. If you have been turned away by one gym, contact a local television station (if in Atlanta, 11Alive News is a good one), and get them on your side to recoup any damages such as a cancellation fee. Then, try another gym. Someone else will be willing to work with you.

2. If you are too self conscious about going to gym, but you are bent on losing weight, I strongly suggest getting Nintendo’s Wii Fit (now the Wii Fit Plus). You will need to get the Wii Console to begin with and then the exercise accompaniment. My wife works out with the Wii Fit and it does her wonders. Go ahead and check it out, then get your Wii Fit today.

3. You may also exercise via the computer. Yes, you can watch exercise videos on your computer and work out. There is a great program offered by FABS CyberFitness which allows you to exercise whenever you wish, guided by different videos offering different workouts. The program costs a mere $32.99 to sign up and $19.99 per month. This is a great tool that you can use in the comfort of your home. Go ahead and check it out. Visit and click on FABS to learn more and start your exercise program today.

Remember too that you can easily work out by walking around your neighborhood, but this must be consistent and frequent.

Happy work out!

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