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Rejuvanate your Mind,Body and Soul- YOGA

Updated on April 11, 2012

Yogic Images.

Yoga. | Source
Yoga exercises for pregnancy.
Yoga exercises for pregnancy. | Source
Pelvic exercise and pregnancy.
Pelvic exercise and pregnancy. | Source

Know more about YOGA and YOGA for Mum to be.

Lazy mornings, tired evenings did you ever noticied where your lifestyle taking you. Many of us run to make better living but hey wait for a second guys, did you ever realised how are you going to get better living, did i heard by making money. Then i'm so sorry you have not yet realised better living comes if your health ,mind stay better. What's the use of comfort when you can't relish to the core. I am sure everyone wants to inhale morning fresh air, to stay always fresh and today i'm going to share some interesting facts about yoga.

I'm sure many of us know about Pranayama, but do you know Pranayama is one of the yoga that helps to kill your bad breath and helps you to overcome with mouthwashes as chemically you get more dependant on it also it's not a sure shot remedy. To get complete balance on body Pranayama is the yoga. Several years ago sages discovered that this yoga sadhna has got great influence over the digestive and respiratory organs and benefit of doing pranayama is sweet smelling exhalation. There are different ways of doing this but the main key is exhalation. So, out of your busy day schedule you can perform this in office if in hurry may be before starting work spend 10min. Wondering how? Find a comfortable chair, i m sure you will be having one at your work place. Now have a seat so that the belly can relax and extend out. Close your eyes and concentrate on exhaling as fast as possible. This should be done around 20-30 times.

Yoga will help you to improve your respiratory system. It will help you to get relief from common cold, improve your digestive system, cough, bronchitis, nasal septum, tuberculosis. Our body consists of millions of cells, all held together by polar attraction. Each cell in the body acts by bio magnetic function draws just what it needs from the running system and eliminates what is not required. Man has the potential to increase his immunity to cinsiderable extent by following proper life cycle and doing specific exercises. In addition to the physical well being, there is very important spiritual benefit also which leads you in healthy mind. Moral behaviour and spiritual awareness prevail for the happiness and welfare of human life.

I still remember, during my pregnancy, Dr.Gita Arjun (I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank her) advised me to keep the stress out of my mind and advised me to join Yoga exercises and trust me in that one hour of yoga exercise session, i felt so close to my unborn. Yoga has five vital tools in pregnancy and when you follow them it works wonders on your health, mind and facilitates a smoother pregnancy. But, above all , yoga does wonders on the physical and mental development of foetus. Every woman dreams to ensure a healthy baby and yoga helps you just to do that. Here are some exercises which i remember and would love to share with all Mum to be.

  1. Yoga-Pelvic exercises: These gently work on the reproductive organs and pelvis to ensure smooth pregnancy and relatively easy child birth. At a higher level, these ensure optimum supply of blood and nutrients level. Point to remember, do not move your leg, abdominal muscles or butt during this exercise.
  2. Breathing or Pranayama: In these powerful yoga techniques ensure the abundant supply of oxgen and better life force for you and your child. This will keep you fit throughout your pregnancy.
  3. Bandhas: The psycho and physical stimulation of these gestures and lock have powerful effects on a woman's reproductive organs.
  4. Meditation: It will help you to overcome your fears and stress. It will help you to connect with your child which is impossible for me to explain.
  5. Deep Relaxation: Also known as Yogic nidra(sleep) is particularly effective for physical and mental relaxation as well as to get ready to bring your child in this beautiful world.

Use Yoga mats which are soft yet firm. To get a phenomenal benefit practice yoga as part of your life also you will give your child best development. Yoga is a precious gift to mankind. The practice enables and equips one to maintain physical and mental health and rejuvenate the physical body to with stand the process of ageing. The practice of yoga will benefit everyone, regardless of sex,race,religion,caste to enjoy a happy mind and healthy living. Conserve your happiness, Learn yoga and lead a better life.


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    • Sharda Sriram profile image

      SHARDA 5 years ago from Singapore, Singapore

      Thanks Redberry sky for your lovely comment.. I'm sure you will find yoga better. i love to share my experiences certainly will write more.

    • Redberry Sky profile image

      Redberry Sky 5 years ago

      I love yoga. Although I'm still very much at the beginner's stage I've already found it has all the benefits you mention, and even more. I hope you write more on yoga and meditation in the future - I love reading about other people's practices and experiences with these.

    • Sharda Sriram profile image

      SHARDA 5 years ago from Singapore, Singapore

      Thank you and thanks for adding about karma.

    • profile image

      shreenidhi 5 years ago

      meditation and pranayama not only rejuvenates the mind, it helps the man to gain the extra sensory perception and eradicate the past imprints(karmas). gives clarity in speech thought and deed and improves the radiance in face. very nice piece of article