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Nerve Aching: Extreme Pain Relief

Updated on June 15, 2014

Home remedy for extreme pain and aches

When we are experiencing pains in our body it is our nerves calling for blood that is by means of pain signals. It is not necessarily mean that when there is pain there is injury. It is only a warning that there is something wrong in that part of your body and that a call of action is needed to address it and relieve the pain.

So what now?

You need to put on the hot applications until your skin gets really red over the painful area. That will give relief of course, then, put on a cold application for just a moment or two. Any pain on your body can be relieved in doing so.

What causes pain in other parts of the body? Is there any advice to relieve it?

What is the best remedy for severe pain in the shoulder and back of neck?

By applying extreme heat or extreme cold in affected area in the shoulder or back of neck can relieve any kind of pain. However, heat is being more desirable and recommended because it brings the blood to the surface where you are experiencing the pain. If you think that the blood has satisfied the nerve that gives you pain, then you may give or put on a cold application, just cool enough to freshen the skin. The reason in doing this is because the blood will be driven off while taking with it the toxins and by this, the tissues or bone will be relieved of congestion that cause the pain and aches of the nerve.

If you are experiencing pain in the hip going down to the knee and foot, there is some sort of acidosis there or neuritis perhaps, following the nerve channel. You may need to take a hot shower, let it run down the hip going to the leg. Follow this at once with a hot foot bath, and after that with a cold shower. Then rub dry, but keep your foot in the water being as hot as you can carry on and do this every morning. If the leg is very painful, you need to do this every night as well.

I advise you to see your doctor if there is no changes in doing this treatment. You may have other problems in your body. This is only for the relief of the pain. So you need to address what's going on in your body with the help of any medical practitioner you are at ease to see.

A sharp shooting pain in your back, lower right or left side may also needed some kind of medical professional help.

For some relief with those pains, put a hot application over the region, wet cloth as hot as possible and leave it there until the pains are gone. The heat will transport the blood and ease the nerve. When you think it has soothed, put on a cold cloth. WARNING: Never massage a pain area. It will just complicate the matter that might spread the inflammation, and, if there is pus present, it will go through the tissues.

Always remember that the best remedies available to have a healthy life is inexpensive. They are fruits and vegetables, fresh air, exercise, early morning sunshine and enough sleep.


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    • profile image

      jimmy 5 years ago

      I had tried that tips and it really works on extreme pains. I am just wondering if it will work on toothache. lol!

    • Bopi-Cheppu profile image

      Bopi-Cheppu 5 years ago from San Antonio, TX, U.S.A

      noenhulk, Nice tips to aid acute pain.