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Relief from inflammation

Updated on May 20, 2014

Before finding relief from inflammation it is important and interesting to know what is happening in the body and educating yourself about what causes it. To save you a lot of time and research, I have gladly done the work for you. My goal for this hubpage is to educate, inform and help you find relief from inflammation.

So What Is Inflammation?

Everyone I know, including myself has at some time or another had to deal with inflammation. Inflammation is our bodies way to protect us from infection due to viruses or bacteria. At the first sign of an infection our amazing body releases chemicals from the white blood cells to the source of the problem. That process creates more blood flow and that is why the area that is inflamed may feel warm to the touch and red. Swelling comes when the fluid has leaked into the tissues and the pain is caused from the nerves being overstimulated.

Syptoms of Inflammation

  • Joint pain
  • Red swollen joints
  • Fever
  • Joint stiffness
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Chills

Can Certain Food Cause Inflammation?

And the answer is........Yes! Yes they can. There could be a certain food that you are consuming regularly that may be the culprit for the pain you experience. If gone undiagnosed the inflammation could cause damage to the joint or organ and become a more serious issue like arthritis, cancer and heart disease.

The first food you need to be aware of is one that you are sensitive to already. Now this is different to a food allergy that you would be well aware of. Do you ever get a headach or tired after eating? How about bloating? If so you may be sensitive to something you ate during that meal.

Common food sensitivity come from;

  • Gluten (protein found in all wheat products)
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Milk, lactose (protein found in milk products)

Here is a short list of foods/beverages that cause inflammation.

  • Alcohol
  • Artificial food additives
  • Refined grains
  • Processed meat
  • Trans fat
  • Cooking oils
  • Sugar
  • Feed lot meat

So what brings relief?

Well the first thing I would suggest is eliminate foods that you know you are sensitive to. I have had to eliminate gluten. It is very hard because gluten is in almost everything that comes in a package, all bread and pasta.

Thank goodness for gluten free food that is actually getting more popular, but is still a little too pricy. Also try not to consume the foods mentioned above on a regular basis. From the list of foods that cause inflammation it is now really clear to see why a clean diet is important. Eliminate the junk! Sounds simple right? I don't think it is.

If you are like me you will enjoy the odd glass of alcohol, sugar and cream in my coffee every day and unless you make a lot of money it is hard to find organic meat at a cheap price. I am all for eating healthy, however I know what it is like to have a tight budget and not be able to buy the healthiest stuff. I eat as many fruits and veggies that I can everyday, but I am not perfect and I know that you aren't either.

I have recently found a product that has helped me with inflammation. It is a ancient Chinese medicine that have been used for centuries. I could not believe that I am just learning about it now, but I am thankful however that I have learned about it and found relief from not just inflammation, but fatigue, acne and head aches.

So What is it?

They call it "the king of herbs". Better know as reighi, ganoderma lucidum and lingzhi mushroom. It has many healing properties including anti inflammatory. Now I am not a mushroom expert or scientist, but a man named Mr. Leow is. He actually studied for 15 years the six strains of the mushroom and what it does for the body.

Mr. Leow found a way to enrich the world's most consumable beverage other then water. What is that beverage, well it is coffee. He discovered a way to enrich coffee with the healthiest nutrition in the world and make the mushroom tasteless and odorless.

So the best way that I personally found relief from inflammation was by drinking my Gano Life gourmet coffee. I absolutly love the taste and the way it makes me feel. I am very thankful for Mr.Leow's hard work and dedication and making this super herb available for the world to easily consume on a daily basis.

Now you may not be a coffee lover like me and Mr. Leow knew that. He has also enriched tea, mocha, hot chocolate (for the kids), Latte, shampoo and of course there are straight up supplements.

Genius!!!!! He has enriched what people need and use on a regular basis with "the king of herbs".

Mr Leow Soon Seng and Ganoderma

Healing Properties of Ganoderma

  • Anti inflammatory
  • Anti bacterial
  • Anti tumor
  • Anti candita
  • Anti oxidant
  • Anti viral
  • Blood pressure moderator
  • Blood sugar moderator
  • Cholesterol reducer
  • Immune enhancer

In Summary

I hope that this hubpage has been helpful for you. It is possible to find relief from inflammation, by watching your diet and enjoying your daily cup of coffee, tea, mocha or hot chocolate enriched with ganoderma.

I love and admire Gano Life product line so much and am very thankful for this product line.

Thanks for reading and please visit the Gano Enriched Products website below for more information about this wonderful natural remedy.

Have a blessed and pain free day!

Jodi Patfield


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    • healthyliving10 profile image

      Jodi Patfield 5 years ago from Canada

      Your welcome! I hope it helps and thanks for the comment!

    • profile image

      Jason Colangelo 5 years ago

      Wow! This product has helped me with more energy and less joint pain in my knees. Very greatful!!!

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 5 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Wow I will certainly have to look into this. Thank you!