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Relieve Stress : I Hate Stress

Updated on March 29, 2012

How to Relieve Stress:

Psychological stress, bad mood and tension are constant companions of the modern man. Today, people are under great psychological stress than ever before. Here are some simple and effective tips on how to relieve stress, remove the internal stress and elevate mood. Use the force of herbal; you can simply use the old proven natural means - mint, Valerian, chamomile, and mother-wort. They are great to help remove the psychological stress and banish anxiety, and you can still get a real anti-stress program.

To exhale anxiety you need to breathe deeply and slowly, and imagine that a simple breath inflated balloon. Then, utilizing the abdominal muscles, it is necessary to exhale all the alarms in an imaginary ball. With each exhalation, it will grow in size and filled with anxieties and feelings. Now, will only release the ball, he will fly high into the sky and carry with them all the anxiety. Find a reason to smile, even though it was not until around the fun and there is no reason to smile, it is possible, for example, to take advantage of summer vacation and go to your family or friend to the cinema at the premiere of any funny comedy. The warm atmosphere of the hall necessarily drives out bad spirits and help relieve psychological stress.

Get rid of the sadness from your face, the imprint on the face of stress is manifested in the form of wrinkles on the forehead, wrinkles around the eyes, eyebrows and summarized clenched lips. From all this it is necessary to get rid of these and smooth the forehead, close your eyes, lower jaw and lift the corners of the mouth to the top. Avoid unnecessary spending; unplanned shopping as a means of relieving stress, can then drive them into even more dismal state in connection with the thoughtless waste of money. In this mood it is not necessary to take into the store a large amount of money, but before buying an expensive thing to wait for the day and see whether it needed.

Spare some time for yourself, you must select a certain time limit and spend it just to satisfy your needs and desires. Be comfortable and relaxed and make the muscles to work. Extend the muscles of arms or legs for a couple of seconds, take a deep breath and exhale completely relax. Arrangement of things; need to get rid of unwanted clothes, utensils and impaled objects associated with unpleasant memories. On the advice of psychologists, it is necessary to leave the half-empty every closet shelf. This will allow reaching a sense of perspective that will automatically reduce the tension and relieve stress. Sometimes it is very difficult to meet tense situation and for us it becomes hard to cope with serious situation but we should always try over best to feel comfortable and be relaxed in such situation. Sensitive person feels more stressed than less sensitive person. The best way to avoid stress is to find some sources of happiness.


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