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How to Relieve Nasal and Chest Congestion : Home Remedies

Updated on January 11, 2011
Are you suffering from nasal or chest congestion?
Are you suffering from nasal or chest congestion? | Source

A Few Simple Household Items Will Help to Relieve Your Stuffy Nose and Chest

Have you been bombarded with the cold or flu and have such congestion that you cannot get the rest you need to feel better. Take a look below at some of the home remedy solutions that can help relieve your nasal and chest congestion in no time.

Hot tea, lemon and honey. Some of the simplest home remedies are the ones that work the best. If you have unbearable chest congestion, I recommend you start drinking hot tea with lemon and honey immediately. The hot tea and honey soothes your sore throat, while the lemon helps to cut the congestion. Drink as often as possible to feel relief.

Boiled vinegar. Yes, you read that right, I said boiled vinegar. Vinegar is a wonderful home remedy for a lot of different ailments. Once you boil the vinegar, stand over the pot and breathe in the vapors for a few minutes. You will feel the difference in no time. Repeat this as often as you need to.

A shot of apple cider vinegar to cut the congestion. It does taste awful, the benefits of swigging down a shot of vinegar are amazing. Vinegar kills bacteria, and cuts through the congestion helping you to breathe better. Do not overdo it, just a small amount works wonders. Repeat this process every six to eight hours, not before, it will give you an upset stomach if you drink too much of it.

Bathroom filled with hot steamy air. If you are a parent, you know all too well those days of sitting in the bathroom with the hot water running to make it all steamy. Steam helps to put moisture inside of your lungs, helping you to bring more of the mucus up and out of your body. The longer you can sit inside of a steam filled room, the better you will feel once you come out.

Salt and warm water for nasal and chest congestion. The good old salt and water remedy. Although this can taste worse than the vinegar, it does work quite well to loosen and reduce congestion in your nose, as well as your throat. Gargle with it or drop it into your nose, either way it is going to work to help relieve some of the congestion you are feeling.

Ginger root and fruity wine. If you want something that taste good and works, then the ginger root and wine is the home remedy for you. Pour the wine in a pot with the ginger root. Boil both together for about 10 minutes. Take the ginger root out, and allow it to cool down. Once it has cooled down, put your feet up and enjoy your glass of wine that will help cut the congestion.

There you have a few ways that you can relieve nose and chest congestion by using home remedies. Try one or try them all, I can say that they all work quite well for nose and chest congestion.

Warning : If you have congestion to where it is difficult for you to breath, consult your physician or the nearest hospital immediately.

What are your favorite home remedies for congestion?

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