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Reluctant Hero

Updated on March 15, 2010

Sinemet Side Effects

If you are having dramatic side effects from your medicines, especially Sinemet or Apokyn, then what I want to tell you about is nothing less than a phenomenon.  There is no doubt that this is something that is far beyond what our series of movement disorder doctors have been able to provide for us.  But that is me, you decide for yourself.

The energy of the body is an amazing factor that western medical doctors are only now starting to recognize.  Among the options are acupuncture, acupressure, scalar energy, magnetic resonance stimulation and combinations of these.  The primary function of each is to balance the energies of the body, reduce inflammation, enable detoxification and increase the energy in each of our trillions of cells creating a healing environment. 

Each cell has a measurable vibrational energy level.  A healthy cell membrane has an electrical potential of 70 millivolts whereas an unhealthy cell registers at 40 millivolts.  The goal is to raise the vibrational level to the healthy 70 millivolts and seek ways to maintain that.  This is true of all the cells of the body; organs such as heart, liver kidney, liver and skin (our largest organ) muscle, bone and brain. 

Let me discuss here a particular system which is a  merger between the science of acupuncture (no needles, so don’t faint on me here), the science of radio wave technology and nanotechnology.

For background, 5000 years ago, the Chinese mapped the energy channels in the human body. They are known as meridians.  Over the centuries, this developed into the practice of acupuncture and acupressure treatments.  

Radio wave energy is visible with night vision goggles. The devices enhance the energy, not heat, that emanates from the body.  On your body, you have points where the energy emerges more than other points. These are known as acupuncture or acupressure points. This is the foundation of medical science for 2 billion people that is now being recognized by western medical science.  The various frequencies of this energy are actually transmissions of information – just like the various frequencies of television are used to send communication on various channels. Your body has frequencies that are used to communicate on various channels.

Here is where the science of nanotechnology is applied.  By mixing various harmless ingredients like sugars and amino acids, this company has created crystals that reflect a specific energy frequency. The same frequency that emanates from your body.  And these crystals are used to reflect the energy back into the body to instruct the body to perform a specific function. For instance if you wanted to create sleepiness, you might create a crystal to reflect the instruction to the body to manufacture tryptophan, the precursor to serotonin that transforms into melatonin, your sleep hormone. That is precisely what this company does and with several specific parameters.

OK, put these crystals into a sealed patch that you place on your body and you can use these three technologies to create a patch to enable sleep.  Let’s leave the door open for other applications that I will talk about shortly. 

I know this is all fairly intricate and frankly I don’t know how it all works, but I also don’t know how my cell phone or computer work. They just do.  I use them and get the benefit.  I leave the creation and the manufacture up to the propeller head inventors who do understand the science behind these devices.

That is the science.  I hope you were able to follow it.

Last June, a friend of mine introduced me to a company in La Jolla, California that developed this product for the military.  Working under contract with a group of Navy Seals, they created a way to increase the energy and stamina of the troops without drugs, or stimulants.  The company is only 5 years old, but it has obtained full military specification and FDA approval.

These patches were used by over 100 athletes in the Beijing Olympics including Michael Phelps and the 4 by 100 swim team.  You know they are safe.

The company has expanded into patches to reduce pain, enable sleep, increase energy, lose weight and one for anti-aging.

Over the last 9 months, I have met with the Inventor of the patches, the President of the Company, the company’s doctor advisors, and the top sales individuals in the US.  I wanted to know – ”Is this real?”

Not only have I found the product to be genuine, but the first impression I got from each of these individuals was their clear eyed dedication to the technology, to the benefit of mankind and their interest in spending time with anyone who has a sincere interest.

They are impressive.

The inventor David Schmitt is thinking light years ahead of anything that is on the drawing boards.  The President Michael Collins has a firm hold on the reins of the company and keeps everyone on an even keel focused in the right direction.  Dr. Steven Haltiwanger is a Medical Doctor and a clinical Nutritionist who knows his field better than anyone.  Dr. Quila Ryder is a premier acupuncturist. Dr. Dean Clark is an expert in energy radiation photography and was the chiropractor to the 2008 summer Olympics.  Chuck Michels is one of the company’s top income earners and we has spent a 2 hour lunch reviewing the system.  It works.  It is an impressive line-up.

More impressive than all of this is what I have seen the patches do.  A very good friend of mine was a paratrooper in Viet Nam.  He had a painful back injury that medical science has been unable to get below a pain level of 8 on a scale of 1 to 10 for over 30 years.   After about 2 days of fiddling with the placement of a set of pain patches, his pain level was down to a 2.   He since has completely eliminated his pain.  He called me a couple of months later and said, “Bob, I bought a bike.  I have wanted to get back onto a motorcycle for years, but the pain was just too much.  I did not realize how much energy this pain was sapping from me, but this has given me my life back.  Thank you.”

My own experience is with my wife of 38 years with dynamic results.  Results you might not believe to be possible.  I will let you decide.  Back in 1992, her right foot was dragging and she was having various concerning movement problems.  Many of you may be able to relate to the initial awareness that something is seriously wrong.  We started asking questions, doing research and getting tests run.  Blood tests, x-rays and MRI’s and they could not find anything that was dynamically wrong. 

Initially, she tried a movement enhancing drug named Eldepryl and a few other light weight drugs for help. They gave no benefit and were quickly dismissed. Then she was prescribed Sinemet in 1993.  It took 6 months to get any benefit, but because the doctors said it would help, we persisted (I should say she persisted because she is the determined one.)  After about 6 months, my wife started having a significant kick-in (we could tell something was happening). She got movement benefit at the same time.  Guess that the brain and blood brain barrier finally accepted the intruding drug as their own.  However shortly after she started getting the benefits, she also developed significant side effects.  “End of dose syndrome,” they said.  Well what I know is that she was left violently kicking and thrashing about for periods of 25 minutes to several hours.  These bouts often occurred in the middle of the day and stopped everything we were doing.   For several years she tried every conceivable drug on the market to no avail.   I remember clearly the day that her doctor looked her square in the eye and said, “There is nothing more I can do for you.”  Whew!  That was a sobering moment.

We shortly found an experimental injectable drug Apomorphine and enrolled in a study group that provided the drug free of charge as long as we reported back the usage and benefits.  The drug has since been approved by FDA.  It is expensive and is not covered by our insurance.  The injections helped control mid day “end of dose syndrome” but at the end of the day, it was still 25 minutes to several hours of violent kicking and thrashing before she collapsed into an exhausted sleep.  To make a long story short, my wife was getting 3 to 8 injections a day and taking 10 tablets of Sinemet to attempt to balance the benefits of movement with the side effects.

In June of last year, a friend brought some of the LifeWave patches over to the house.  She placed one on my wife’s forehead.  My wife responded with a smile so big that her eyes crinkled.  I had not seen that in years.  I have to admit that I lost it in amazement and tears.  When I explained to my friend what just happened in breaking the mask, she was reaching for the Kleenex box too.

Then my wife started using these LifeWave patches.  Here is where it really gets interesting.   After 60 days, she was completely off the injectable drug.  Within another 60 days; she was down to just a couple of tablets of Sinemet a day.   Today she takes half a tablet in the morning and half a tablet at bedtime.

Talking the other day, we realized that she has more movement now than we would have guessed, even with such a small amount of medicine.  Now to be sure, she still gets stuck periodically and needs help getting up, but the lack of those show stopping side effects and the minimized use of drugs has been an amazing improvement.

The LifeWave patches do not claim to treat or cure illness.  That may be hard to agree with after these stories, but let me explain.  Working in conjunction with the acupuncture system of energy channels, toxins are eliminated from the body, energy channels are cleared, inflammation is reduced and an environment conducive to healing is created.  The rest is the work of the body, whose primary function and the one it does the very best, is to heal.  Clearing the energy channels and increasing the energy of the cells removes roadblocks and enables the body to heal itself the way God intended it to.

I know this has been a lot of information and a lot of amazing stories, but I could not keep it under wraps.  My wife is indeed the reluctant hero, who would prefer to keep her conditions to herself.  You may understand.  Reluctant, but she also knows that many people with side effects due to body toxicity, blocked energy channels and unbalanced metabolism can be helped, so she has agreed that we need to spread the word.

For more information on these patches:

For information on the magnetic resonance energy choose the MRS 2000 product info at:

For information on scalar energy checkout Amega Energy Wand 

In order to spread the word, informational calls are held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 am and 6 pm Pacific time. On Saturdays, at 10 am Pacific (218) 862-1300 pin 808902#


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