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Reluctantly Healthy

Updated on November 5, 2014

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Here's The Deal

Follow me on my journey in finding health and wellness and to improve the quality of my life.

This will be a serious challenge for me as I am seriously addicted to Coke, Dr. Pepper and I crave salt like sugar lovers crave cake, ice cream and candy.

I'm not a candy fan I have a few that I like but for the most part
unless it’s my mom’s famous fudge, I can leave it.

I’m not a huge fan of salad unless it’s covered in blue cheese dressing or Italian. I like veggies in soups/sauces but I am not the type of girl who picks up a carrot (which I hate, by the way) and just eats it. I’m not a rabbit for goodness sake.

I crave meat and potatoes. By all appearances I look healthy (if you overlook my pale skin which is just genetics.)

Truth is I’m frail and weak and have osteopenia. I’m exhausted from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. Sleeping is one of my favorite things to do but I have a hard time sleeping because of joint pain due to my arthritis.

On The Fence

I’ve been on the health fence for a while now. I am inspired by my many friends who are healthy and fit. Living with chronic pain it isn’t easy just to get through the day let alone find time to exercise and figure out how to eat properly and work.

I’m like everyone else I tend to want my comfort foods/drinks when I don’t feel well and for me that’s pretty much every day. On a rare day when I feel better I’m on fire and feel fantastic and wish I could feel that way every day.

Be Your Own Hero

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Picture of health

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I received some sobering news from my MRI that I had on Tuesday. I have arthritis (I knew that) in my lower spine and bone spurs. They just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t anything else going on. He said that it wouldn’t get better but maybe I could slow it down from getting worse as fast. Then he gave me a script for therapy for six weeks 3 times a week.

He said if the therapy didn’t work that I need to consider burning off my nerves near the arthritis to keep me from being in pain.

I have just one answer for that barbaric procedure. NO! First off, I will be awake for the whole thing and if you’ve read my other blog about how MRI’s work then you already know how I feel about the “nerve conduction test”. This would be worse in my opinion and I will have to have this procedure done over and over as it will wear off in a year or less. This is not going to happen, no way, no how!

I know it won’t be easy and that I have a long road ahead of me to become the healthy woman I truly want to be. I have to change my thinking and focus on how wonderful my life could be if I were healthier. My hubby who’s very supportive will also be with me on this journey.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I’m a “Mindless eater/drinker”. I don’t pay attention to what I’m putting in my body. I just go get it and go back to working on my project.

I will keep everyone posted on my health journey and I will be posting recipes, videos anything that I find that will be helpful to everyone.

I hope you follow me on this journey and that I can help those who need some motivation.

Quick Abs!

Blogilates!! She Motivates!

I'm a huge fan of Cassey Ho and hope you all run to her You Tube page Blogilates.

Click to visit her YouTube videos

The Evil's of Coke - Soft Drinks | Source

The Reality of Coke

“High rates of soda consumption have been linked with numerous health problems, including weight gain, poor dental health, diabetes and cardiovascular disease—which can ultimately lead to heart attacks, stroke and premature death.”

“Due to the health effects associated with drinking soda, almost anything
else is better to drink.”


Which Healthy Habits Do You Have?

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