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Remedies for TMJ

Updated on July 26, 2011
Location of TMJ
Location of TMJ | Source

Home Remedies are Best for TMJ Relief

Having TMJ disorder and pain can be debilitating and life-altering to the person experiencing this dysfunction. And there are millions of people with TMJ disorder who are seeking relief from TMJ pain. Severe cases may require medical, orthodontal or surgical intervention.

I myself had spent many years with bouts of TMJ pain, earaches, headaches until I found a treatment that worked for me.

It is a fact that most TMJ sufferers will benefit from home or natural remedies. What form do these remedies take? They can include exercises, massage of trigger points (muscle knots), consumption of vitamins, healthy foods, over the counter medicines and stress relief techniques.

It is possible to cure TMJ. My personal home remedy favorite is a proven holistic three step system by Sandra Carter, Medical researcher, health consultant, therapist nutritionist and author of the TMJ No More™ system.

Sandra was a TMJ sufferer for years whose research and subsequent program have helped thousands of men and women with TMJ get freedom from their pain, teeth grinding and teeth clenching, headaches and earaches; all without drugs, splints or invasive or irreversible surgery.

The truth is that most TMJ disorders can be cured which means there are literally millions of people who are suffering needlessly.  The best advice I can offer is to not give up and dont wait for a cure to come along.  Try what sounds reasonable to you and for your TMJ dysfunction. 

I always stress to never get an irreversible procedure done until you have eliminated every single non-invasive, home remedy, natural option available to you.  Once you get into orthodontal work, or surgical procedures there is no undoing those treatments .

With Sandra Carter's downloadable ebook you can try the cure immediately from the comfort of your own home. I highly recommend her TMJ No More System and expect for most it will restore your quality of life.


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