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Remedies on how to relieve stress

Updated on April 26, 2014

Stress is never a delightful ordeal yet it constantly keeps knocking on one’s doorstep. There are actually several remedies to help you reduce stress. In this article, I will discuss on the simpler methods. You may not be accustomed to doing tai chi, sports and yoga but other than exercising, there are still a lot more simple ways to free your self from stress. Here’s a free checklist for you to try doing everyday.

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1. Sleep early and Rise Early. This is the most basic step yet often neglected. Having a good night sleep of 7 - 9 hours a night will give you a more balanced day. Having a well-rested night can relieve your stress and give you enough energy for the coming day.

2. Limit caffeine intake. If you are a coffee addict like myself, it’s time to control your cravings as this can disrupt your daily balance. You may opt to drink decaffeinated coffee or tea. Caffeine can increase your stress level. So it is best to limit your consumption.

3. Consume a lot of fruits. Every now and then you can read about fruits that cure cancer, diseases and everybody just keep researching more on the impact of fruits to our health. Rather than eating processed foods, make it a habit to eat fruits or make a smoothie out of it if you don’t enjoy eating fruits. Apples and Bananas are available all year round; they can be a good source of vitamins and it strengthens our immune system. Consuming fruits everyday can give you a light and energetic feeling.

4. Limit salt in your diet. Too much salt intake can elevate your blood pressure especially if you are in your 50’s. And having a high blood pressure will keep you stressed at times thus contributing to your increased stress level.

5. Examine your moods. Try to go over and examine what aspects had made you feel good this past week. Reminisce the feeling as this can change your present mindset. Make it alive in your memory and claim it once again.

6. Antioxidants. Antioxidants can help protect you from heart disease. Try consulting your doctor on this matter and remember to buy only from trusted pharmacy.

7. Take a nap. Find time to nap in your break time. There is an app for hypnosis that can give you a power nap. Having a nap can make you feel rested and unloaded.

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Here’s a few natural ways to relieve stress

Massage your head. Do a head massage by gently rubbing your scalp. This can give you an ease feeling.

Deep breathing. Just sit comfortably and inhale through the nose. Sometimes counting 1-100 can help you to divert your attention. Deep breathing is usually used as a remedy for relaxation technique when a person is in stress or in pain.

Progressive Relaxation. This is a combination of breathing exercise and a slow contraction of body muscles by flexing your muscles from toes to chest then releasing the tension as you exhale.

Meditation. Mediation coordinates the body with the mind. In doing this, you have to fill your mind with beautiful memories or images, and then close your eyes and focus. Submit your whole self in your imagination and feel the joy and calmness it brings. Be sure to do this where you cannot be disturbed.

Exercise. You can hear everyone emphasizing the benefits of exercise. Make it a habit to do some cardio exercise at least once to thrice a week or if you can do it everyday the better unless contraindicated to your present health status. Exercise is the best way to relieve stress. It releases a hormone that leaves a happy feeling.

Yoga. Yoga is best relaxing your mind, organizing your thoughts and promoting your mental and spiritual awareness. The position when you do yoga is meant to create balance in your body system.

Aerobics. It has the same effects of Yoga. This will help sustain your physical strength. The choice is yours to make though I can say that aerobics demands more of your energy as it a tough training exercise.

Tai Chi. require a several mild actions that will make you feel more relaxed and keep an extreme level of concentration. The end result of this will relax your mind hence reduces your anxiety level.

Laugh. Laughing is different from smiling. Read some humorous quotes in the Internet or watch something really, really hilarious if you are alone. If you are with friends, try telling a joke and give your best laugh.

Scream. It's hard to scream when you are surrounded with people. The best place is scream is in the carnival while riding a ferry’s wheel, movie theatre, top of the mountain and home. If you feel like screaming, then grab a pillow; cover your face and scream. Isn’t it satisfying screaming your worries away?

Don’t focus so much on your problem. Don’t think too much. No matter what you do, your problem will not go away. So instead of giving your problem a VIP treatment, why don’t you spend your time on finding solutions to it? Discuss your problem with your colleague at work. If it is personal, discuss it with your partner, family or friends. Sharing your problem is healthy and will lessen your anxiety level and pressures.

Having the knowledge on how to conquer stress is vital as we are faced with anxious predicaments everyday. Our coping strategies to deal with this kind of stress is very important as it will be our only defense mechanism to survive in this ever evolving world. What is really important is to stay at peace with your self, as this will bring calmness in your system. Resist anger. Be quick to watch out for any stressful events and control your mindset.

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    • supremeupbeat k profile image

      Mahadeb Kar 3 years ago from Somewhere in India

      early to bed and early to rise makes a man

      healthy,wealthy and wise.

    • phoebe180 profile image

      phoebe180 3 years ago from Philippines

      Hello eddy,thank you for dropping by.

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 3 years ago from Wales

      Interesting and so very useful.

      Voted up and shared.