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Remedies to cure Cough and Cold

Updated on September 12, 2015

Common causes and symptoms of cough and cold:

Cough and cold are common and are seasonal. Common cold is a viral infection most of the time and they tend to clear of on their own. Though they take some time to clear away completely, there are certain remedies that can give you relief from the symptoms. You might have a running nose when you have cold and cough would accompany your cold as there would be congestion either in your chest or throat that has to be cleared up. Cough is basically an attempt to bring out the foreign particle or irritant that is there in the throat. It could be the phlegm formed in the throat or chest that is causing your cough. To treat this there are over the counter medicines that can be taken. Cold normally doesn’t require a treatment to be cleared but the symptoms can be treated to avoid the irritation. These are contagious and one of the main reasons behind the infection could be a contact with another person who has had cold and cough. Allergy to any dust particles can also bring in cold and cough. Whatever the cause could be, you can treat the symptoms out of cold. There are soothers which can help soothe your throat and keep your throat away from irritant.

Various remedies for cough and cold:

There are so many over the counter medicines available in the medical store but there are certain home remedies too that can help you with cough and cold. Pepper is the first thing that comes to mind when somebody says they have a cold. Hot and spicy food are best to melt away the congestion that is formed inside the throat and chest. Soups are preferred to be had hot and spicy soups consumed hot can give a soothing throat and it would also turn out to be decongestion for your throat and chest. Indian soup is considered to be the south Indian dish called rasam which consist of lots of pepper. It is a soup like thing sour flavoured. Ingredients like cumin and pepper makes this the best remedy for cold and cough. Honey is another substance which is related to be a strong remedy for cold and cough. Consuming pepper mixed up with honey can stop your cough instantly. Steaming is another way to melt away those congestions and help them to flow away from the body. Drinking a lot of water is also considered to be a good remedy for facing cold. This will lead to breaking up your congestion and will not allow your throat to dry which can lead to whooping cough. Saline sprays are available in the pharmacy as over the counter medicines to be used for cold.

Home natural remedies can serve the purpose:

Though there are so many over the counter remedies that are available in the pharmacy, it is always good to go for natural remedies. If you are looking at instant relief then not only over the counter medicines, natural remedies can also be of your support. Ginger tea is one such substance that can make you feel great while you have a cold. Milk and turmeric can also be one of the best of remedies for cold and cough. Turmeric has the power of healing and this natural antiseptic power can do wonders for you. A mixture of lemon honey and cinnamon can also be a perfect solution for your cough. These natural remedies can work wonders for your health. They are perfect for your children too. They are natural and healthy for your body. you don’t need to think about anything else while consuming something natural. A hot water bag or a hot water gargle can make you warm and soothe your throat.

Alcohol can also work for your cough:

If you can have a teaspoon full of brandy and honey, they work better than a cough syrup. It can hold your cough. Alcohol is always considered to be bad for health but it can sometime work good for your body too. anything taken with a proper limit then it can turn out to be good for you but when the limit is bye passed then anything good can turn to be bad. The same applies for alcohol too. Brandy is best for cold and cough. If you have a whooping cough then you must try out this remedy of a teaspoon full of brandy mixed with honey and consumed. You will see the difference in no time. These home remedies are instant and can be made without any difficulty. They are all home available substances and brings no harm to the body. so try and utilise home remedies on a regular basis especially when you have to deal with cold and cough. Drink a lot of water when you are down with cold. Dehydration can happen when continuous coughing process takes place so to avoid that and keep yourself hydrated have plenty of water.


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