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Remedy Me: Home Remedies to Cure Coughing

Updated on July 18, 2013

Coughing is a very common health issue, but what happens when one cough turns into a coughing fit?

Learning The Facts

Every has had to cough in their life, but why do we cough in the first place?

Coughing is intended to clear a blockage or something that is irritating your air passage. When something is affecting your upper airways, the brain's response to the element is to cough to try to remove it.

The Factors:

There could be a number of reasons why you might cough.

The common Cold, Flu, Viral Infections, Smoking (as well as exposure to second hand smoke), and Asthma, are just a few reasons.

The Symptoms

  • Dry, itchy Throat

  • Chest Pain

  • Congestion

  • Wheezing

So how do we get rid of it?

While you could try Cough Suppressant Medications, Vapor Rubs, Antibiotics, and Inhalants here are some home remedies to help say goodbye that cough!


Honey has been known to help with a sore throat but believe it or not it also helps with coughing.


  • Take a Teaspoon of plain honey on an empty stomach, it will help to clear your throat as well as act as a painkiller to help soothe it.
  • Mix a Teaspoon of Honey with some warm Milk to help with a dry cough to subsidize any chest pain that resulted out of continuous coughing


Lemons can benefit you in many ways not only are they a good source of Vitamin C but they also help to reduce any inflammation.

  • Two Tablespoons of Lemon Juice + One Tablespoon Honey, and heated till warm with create a simple and safe cough syrup that you can drink several times throughout the day.

  • Gargle a mixture of Lemon Juice and water three to four times daily.


Ginger is one of the most common and popular natural remedies for a cough.

It is also a known muscle relaxer to relieve spasms that are the result of intense coughing.

  • Take small slices of fresh Ginger and crush it slightly, boiling it in a cup of water. (This will help to relieve sore throat and congestion, as well as help to relieve a coughing fit.)

  • Chewing on some fresh raw Ginger can also help to subside your cough symptoms.


Containing both antibacterial and antimicrobial elements it can help to elevate symptoms as well as breathing issues.

  • Take three cloves of Garlic and boil in a cup of water, adding in a spoonful of Oregano. Allow it to settle to room temperature and add a bit of Honey.

Carrot Juice

Carrot juice, a good source of nutrients and vitamins!

  • Blend a few carrots (four or five) and dilute the juice with water. Drink several times during the day to get relief from cough symptoms.

Disclaimer: While these home remedies are quite effective for some; if your condition persists or gets more severe, consult your physician and seek medical help right away.


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