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Remedy for Back Pain in the Office

Updated on October 2, 2010

Get Relief From You Back Pain

Spending eight hours a day in an office chair, slumped over a computer, five days a week or even more can lead to back pain. The pain is actually caused by the body adapting itself to the position it is put in for much of the day. Constant sitting can lead to stiffer hip flexor muscles and weaker butt muscles, which can attribute to back pain. This article will discuss several ways to remedy back pain that can be performed in the office while you work.

The first rule to relieve back pain is to keep moving. Muscle atrophy is more likely to occur when you do not move your limbs, which can lead to muscle imbalances, which in turn can lead to posture problems, that my result in back pain. To keep your muscles healthy you need to move them. For this reason I suggest not staying in the same position for more than twenty minutes. This can be as simple as crossing or uncrossing your legs, straightening and bending your knees.

A great way to keep moving at your office desk is with an exercise ball. Sitting on an exercise ball instead of at a desk chair has many advantages. For one it will work your core and stabilizing muscles just by sitting on it and balancing. You can also bounce and roll back and forth on the ball.

Exercises To Do In The Office To Help Back Pain

Also try knelling in front of the computer instead of just sitting all day. I kneel in front of my computer whenever I need to check e-mail, which works out to be about twenty percent of the day. Use a couple of pillows or other padding when kneeling to keep your knees comfortable.

Standing at your desk is another way to get out of your chair. What I like to do is every time the phone rings is I get off my butt and answer the phone. If you are in a busy office this can be a workout in itself.

Stress at work can also be another cause of back pain at work. This one may be a little harder to get rid of completely, but there are ways to minimize stress. Deep breathing is a proven way to release stress, going for short walk to clear your head can work for some people, while venting to co-workers or friends can let you feel less frustrated.

For those of you who think the tips in this article will take up too much of your time at work, I believe with more body movement and less stress you will be able to be more productive at work, and also remedy back in the office as well.


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