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Reminding Yourself

Updated on October 7, 2018

Life has an unexpecting way of throwing us off our course that we choose. Life is all about improvisation and adaptation. Sometimes you just need to remind yourself who you are and what you want to accomplish. A simple reminder can do wonders for someone. Simply waking up and looking in the mirror will show the reflection of the person you are now. Life can also keep us down if we let it. Think about the infamous quote from the Rocky films.

Life has its ways of throwing curve balls at us when we're expecting a fastball down the middle. Instead of dwelling on the obstacle that has given you such trouble at that moment, you should take the moment to remind yourself of the task you created for yourself to complete. Our struggles will put our minds in a dark world where we beg to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I often quote Dwayne Johnson for a reason. He has set such a high bar for perseverance that only a handful of people can reach. There is one simple reason for his success. It's honestly the most simple way to about things that one should be able to do themselves without any help. He simply reminds himself about his early struggles before any part of his career began. He realized that a simple reminder is a powerful and mindful tool to use during times of struggles that would help us prosper through it all. Being cut from a Canadian football team, coming back home jobless and only $7 to his name, being evicted from his home in Hawaii, and just feeling lost and depressed. Today Dwayne Johnson is one of the most successful entertainers in the world and at the top in regards to earnings from all films and projects. Yet Dwayne Johnson is still aiming higher and people wonder how he still does it. He is possibly set for life but he believes he can do more and do better. To this day, he is still reminding himself that he had $7 to his name at the age of 23. That one simple reminder is the pushing factor for Dwayne Johnson to put his best foot forward and remain motivated. He reminds himself that he would never struggle again and that reminder alone is what keeps him motivated in doing what he loves to do. He'll also remind others that they won't work harder than he does. This is not some short term success that happened overnight. This is something that took forever to even develop what Dwayne Johnson has been able to accomplish thus far in his career. The journey is meant to be a long road ahead, even times where the path becomes harder to see. You simply need to keep reminding yourself during the journey what you can accomplish when you make it to the end. All it takes is a reminder.

Lebron James is another prime example of some who is constantly reminding himself of his own goals and purpose. On his new segment on HBO, "The Shop," he quoted,

“I know exactly what the f*** I need to do, I know how to do it and I know how I’m gonna get the best out of myself. I don’t need you to push me. Once it gets to a point where you still need people to push you at a certain age, then you don’t need to be doing it no more.”

I think of this quote as a powerful reminder and a powerful motivational quote for one to follow when it comes to being reminded of something. If you have a dream or a vision that you created, you should be able to motivate yourself to get to it. When times get tough, you should remind yourself of your dream in order through it. It's fine to have others help remind you of the path you chose but in the end, it is your effort, it is your vision, it is your dream, and nobody should be able to remind you better of that than you.

When you're ready to quit, just remember why you started. Only you should remember what you truly want to accomplish. It is your mindset, your dream, your vision. You should know what to do in order to succeed. You just need to remind yourself. Reminders is a powerful tool, or a powerful gift, when used in the right moment. So pick wisely when you do so, you may unlock your true potential.

Dwayne Johnson Motivation Speech!


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