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Reproductive health and quality of population

Updated on April 21, 2015

Pregnancy woman


The tribal children


The life expectancy rate is increasing

Health is one of the most important social infrastructure of man. Good health improves not only the quality of like of people but also the quality of their work. There is a popular saying, `A healthy mind in a healthy body'. Therefore, if rapid economic development has a be achieved, the health of the people should be improved.

Reproduction is one of the main features of living beings. One living being gives birth to another being which is similar to itself. This is called reproduction. Good attention should be paid to the health and nutrition of a mother right from the day she becomes pregnant up to the day she delivers the baby. To enable this, well- equipped health infrastructures should be developed. Basic health infrastructure comprises hospitals, doctors, nurses, para- medical staff, beds, necessary medical equipment and well- developed pharmaceutical industries. All these should be made available to the people.

The National Health policy of Asian nation aims to boost health care, family welfare and nutrition services for the individuals. it's paid bigger attention to the health protection of the poor and social group individuals. In the past six decades, it has attempted to provide comprehensive health facilities and thus improve the quality of people.

Due to these measures by the government, the health of the people has seen great improvement. The life expectancy rate is increasing. Infant mortality rate is decreasing. The rise in the life expectancy rate is a definite sign of the improvement in the quality of life of the people. Infant mortality rate is coming down due to measures like mother and child care, dietary supplements, protection of children from diseases etc.

The hospital room



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