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Live Your Life and THRIVE

Updated on June 8, 2015

You drew the line in the sand and worked hard to break through your plateau (that weight you always got stuck at) you have finally achieved some results that you knew were possible, and now you are wondering to yourself.... "now what?"

Well you have a choice really; you can either continue to make yourself a priority and live the plan continuously or you can let life get in the way and push you back, lose focus and watch your results disappear. The reality is that it can go either way for you. Your 8 week run was a push to challenge yourself to make some progress with an "all-in" mentality that was necessary to take your body to the next level. Now that you have entered the Thrive phase it's all about continuing to progress. The definition of "thrive" is to make steady progress. You may not have reached your full goal by the end of the 8 weeks but you slowly progressed and you need to keep that momentum going that way and thrive. It will come as long as you never give up on yourself. Keep the results coming, include your family and friends, and to truly evolve your plan into a way of life.

*If you have done the 8 week run but fell off plan multiple times I recommend that you start the Detox phase again for 7 days, depending on your goals, you may want to follow the Ignite phase guidelines again as well then shift into your Thrive phase again.

Reprogram Your Set Point

Consistency is key!

You worked hard to get past your plateau, that weight you always get stuck at, your weight regulating mechanism has lowered your weight to a new number (New set point) Your next step is to keep consistent for at least 60 days. It takes about 60 days (2 months) for your body to re-calibrate your metabolism and remain stable at your new set point.

Live in a 5 pound range; Yo-yo dieting is what kills your metabolism. Drastic changes to you weight in short periods of times wreaks havoc to your body. As you thrive and evolve your plan make sure you keep your weight within a five pound range.

It's important to monitor your weight so if you happen to reach that 5 pound weight gain you immediately shift your focus and tighten up your plan. This provides you with flexibility you need to live life as well it ensures you have solid boundaries.

The entire goal of the 8 week run is to teach you how to eat the foods you LOVE so that you can live life. In the Thrive phase we add some of your favorite foods back into your plan, like alcohol, coffee and your weekly off-plan ("cheat") meal. Thriving is about shifting into a mode of progression. Which means still moving forward but at a more realistic pace. The more you diversify your plan you must always keep in mind that your actions must match your expectations. For example if you are adding more foods into your plan and your results are slowing down or you start to back slide you may need to diversify a little less and simply shift your goals. Always keep in mind if you do happen to digress you can always do another hybrid detox and ignite phase to get back on track. The key is to find the right balance where you can truly live your plan for the rest of your life.

Mix it up! Don't get Bored

Diversify your choices

New Foods -

  1. Lean & Non-Lean Proteins: You can add in you dairy foods that we eliminated in the detox and ignite phase but always remember that dairy is still a bloating food so be cautious of how much you add back in. All in moderation. Greek yogurt is always a better choice in adding in yogurt because it is processed differently with less sugar and more protein. Feel free to experiment with your foods but do your best to choose foods with fewer than 5 ingredients on the label. This ensures that the food is fairly clean. The cleanest foods have one ingredient like fresh meat, vegetables, raw nuts, fruits etc.
  2. Grains / Calorie-Dense Carbs: You may also bring back bread and pasta, but just like with dairy (above) proceed with caution. Ideally gluten-free and the most natural unprocessed foods will always be your better, non-bloating, option. If you are a pasta lover try gluten-free brown rice pasta, it tastes great and doesn't bloat!
  3. Fats: It will always be a better choice to stick with the fats that are the least processed, more natural and use only sparingly. Always remember; the more processed foods you add to your plan the slower your results. You may add in butter, guacamole, mayonnaise, salad dressing and sour cream and condiments such as BBQ sauce & ketchup (low sugar) mustard and sea salt or pink Himalayan salt. (if salt is a must, just keep it moderate.)
  4. Weekly Off-Plan Meal (optional): I LOVE food, and I am sure you do to! Who wants to feel like they can't have something for the rest of their life? Not me! If I was told I would have to give up certain foods like pizza, burgers and fries or ice cream for the rest of my life I would check out. The reality is you can add any food in moderation and by simply knowing that you can still have your favorite foods you will actually discover that you want them less. In the Thrive phase you basically get the choice to work in one off-plan (aka cheat meal) per week. Not per day... per week. The important thing is to enjoy that one meal and then get right back on plan with the next meal. When you go for it just remember to still eat in 3's, make it an experience, get right back on plan with the next meal.

New Exercise;

You learned 3 types of exercise in the Ignite phase and by now have developed a routine but don't get stuck in that same routine. It's important to mix it up so your body doesn't get used to the same exercises. Each month try a new fat-burning, cardio and strength training type of exercise. As you diversify your exercise test new types of workouts and see what works for you, add them to your workout routine rotation. Try a new sport that includes cardio. It won't feel like a workout but you get your cardio in. The key is to keep it fun and interesting.


Have you ever lived with a "dieter"? where they eat their cardboard-looking diet foods at dinner while the rest of the family ate their "normal" food. Unfortunately that's what dieters feel they need to do; eat less, fewer calories with no fat, basically starve themselves. Most parents work a full time job and then come home tired and they feel the need to make 2 meals for their families, their diet meal and then a normal meal for the rest of the family. Families shouldn't need to eat separately like that they should all eat as a family unit. All families are different so make sure you evolve your plan to match your families vibe.

Eat Meals Together

Exercise Together

Live Health Together

Clean and healthy eating shouldn't taste like cardboard. Eating clean balanced meals is for family members of all ages. This simplifies the cooking, shopping and the overall eating experience . We all learn to do and we lead by example so eating as a family develops an excellent tradition for your kids to pass down from generation to generation.

We all know life is busy, and those moments of slipping out and getting 60 min of exercise in by yourself is a bit more challenging so why not do something fun together!

Ask your family what they like to do for fun; play tennis, jump on the trampoline, play dodge ball, whatever activity they love to do, do it together. Stay active but do it together to make it fun!

This concept, Live healthy together, basically means living your health with your family, friends and community together. It can be as simple as joining the community running or swim club, sharing a recipe with a friend or even having a potluck dinner in your community with your clean recipes. You can be an inspiration to everyone around you by leading by example.


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