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Researching The Health Benefits Of Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil

Updated on March 8, 2011

Coconut Oil

I have recently spent some time researching the health benefits of organic unrefined virgin coconut oil. I have found that there are several benefits. It's a product that I have not seen too often. After reading up on the product and actually purchasing my first container of virgin coconut oil and trying some, I am immediately convinced of at least some of it's benefits.  I plan to experiment with it and see what else I find out.

The first way I tried to use the product was as a lotion. I spread some on my hands and rubbed it in. I was blown away by how soft it made my hands feel leaving no greasy feeling behind. So far I was impressed and continued researching the health benefits of organic unrefined virgin coconut oil in depth.

Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil
Virgin Coconut Oil

Organic Coconut Oil Has Numerous Health Benefits

According to articles and information I've read in a few books and magazines, organic coconut oil has numerous health benefits. These include such things as improvements to




blood pressure


amount of energy

increase in metobolism

suppressing appetite

Here is some information as to why organic unrefined virgin coconut oil is such a great supplement to your diet.

Much research done by Dr. Mary Enig. has specifically identified lauric acid as a key ingredient in coconut products:

Lauric acid, because it is a medium chain fatty acid, is formed into monolaurin in the human or animal body. Monolaurin is the anti-viral, antibacterial, and antiprotozoal monoglyceride used to destroy lipid coated viruses in animals and in the human body. It can destroy viruses such as HIV, herpes, cytomegalovirus, influenza, various pathogenic bacteria including listeria monocytogenes and heliobacter pylori, and protozoa such as giardia lamblia.

Because of so much research being done on coconut oil on the last few years, it is now being recognized by doctors and people in the medical community as a great tool against immune diseases.

Organic Coconut Oil and Weight Loss

Scientific studies have reported that Organic Coconut Oil and Weight loss go hand in hand. The fatty acids from coconut oil cannot be readily used by the body to make larger fat molecules. A study done on animals showed that the animals who consumed coconut oil instead of the typical oils and fats used in cooking retained much less fat over a 44 day period.

The conclusion was that when organic coconut oil is substituted for other oils, the body retains much less fat

Lauric acid has been proven to be very beneficial to humans in the past few years. Fats in mother’s milk are said to be very similar to the fats recieved from coconut milk or lauric acid. The healing power that is coming from research on coconut oil is comparable to that found in a human mother’s breast milk. Coconut oil is nature’s most abundant source of lauric acid and medium chain fatty acids.

So how does this help us to lose weight?

MCT's which are the fatty acids in coconut oil, are digested before they go digested before they go into the digestive tract. They are not stored as fat because they burn up so fast. The calorie content in coconut oil is high but they are used as energy, not as fat. When eating coconut oil throughout the, the feeling of fullness and the loss of appetite occurs resulting in weight loss. studies have shown that coconut oil raises thermogenesis of the body. This increases metabolism and people lose weight.

Coconut Oil Is Good For You

There are a great deal of reasons why coconut oil is good for you. I have been impressed with the product in the short amount of time that I have used it. My skin and nails have noticeably become healthier even after 2 or 3 days. My appetite is noticeable changed and do not feel as hungry. I have not used it long enough to notice weight loss yet but I am hoping that it will help with that too. Energy seems to be great. Mood seems to be great. I think that the benefits of the product are great and numerous.

It may be worth it to do more research on the health benefits of organic unrefined virgin Coconut oil for yourself.


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