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Restoring a Healthy Mind

Updated on January 15, 2016

Restoring a Healthy Mind

"Do you are, Mr., Mrs. healthy?" That's the question that often arises in social life. Healthy becomes an important part even priceless. Although when there is pain that bore the cost of for example through insurance. Not penah no normal man who wants someone to accept the claim because they want to enjoy the policy that they pay.

How priceless pleasure when something is lost due to illness. So, naturally met anyone who did not ask their fellow else except pray always healthy and wholesome.

National Health Day (HKN), which is celebrated on every 12 November I tried to inspire us all to re-think, whether we are healthy?

We often hear the phrase Mensana in corpore sano (a healthy body there is a soul quiet). Latin terms are popular in the world of education and health. However, healthy condition not only on the health of the body, but jugakesehatan mind. Due to unhealthy thoughts can lead to deviant behavior, although not insane.

Changes in behavior

Social changes and changes in human behavior we are today not escape from irregularities. Behaviour which was previously considered odd is now more prevalent. For example, break through the traffic lights, which should be something embarrassing actually considered normal. Even more permissive society with field conditions. This phenomenon further strengthen us that we are sick.

The condition of the nation's pain can also be witnessed every arrest perpetrators, including in corruption cases. Because the soul is not healthy, then they do not feel guilty, even when the cameras wide laughing reporters. Are we being exposed to mental disorders so that healthy conditions had to be tested again.

Public mental disorders Indonesia reached 1.7% of the population of Indonesia. Aceh and Yogyakarta reached above the national average, or 2.7%. Only West Kalimantan are still below 1 per cent, or 0.7% (Riskesdas 2013). Is this data, so that Aceh is known for using "Aceh Pungo?"

If a mental disorder due to the conflict in Aceh. Then, what about the people of Yogyakarta obedient and not many adventurous. Riskesdas or basic health research issued every three years shows that development.

We can take the example of the pattern of health development in Aceh in Indonesia, even though. Government not to prevent the emergence of diseases citizens. Governments are building a hospital (RS) new and expanded Zainoel Abidin. These efforts result of patients waiting list is getting a disproportionate action. RSU another back operation was not a positive impact, so it must be built a new inpatient rooms.

Increasing the number of citizens who went to the province RSU domino effect free treatment through the Health Insurance Aceh (JKA) are then integrated into the National Health Insurance (JKN) in the form of Social Security Agency (BPJS).

It is understandable if the activities of a healthy life through promosikesehatan unpopular. Not many funds absorbed if health status improves. There are economic and business factors put forward. Imagine how much money is absorbed by the physical construction of the hospital and medical equipment procurement.

Not to stop there. How many millions are spent on medicines and injections to treat sick patients. Not to mention, pay the doctor and the nurses. RS including room rental as well as economic aspects of society, such as transportation, food and beverage vendors. So, do not dream of going to be the mindset of health development in our country.


Listening to the theme HKN 51st of this year (2015): "Ready to Build Healthier Generation Love Affairs" implies the involvement of the next generation to build their country. But, whether we are aware that the policy has been indirectly plunges them into "generations of love sick ready to burden the country". For example, the handling of cigarettes and drugs.

Drug abuse as a result of previous smoking habit can not be separated from the responsibility of law enforcement and policy makers over the years. Still reluctance, the government of Indonesia acceded to the Framework Agreement on Tobacco Control (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control - FCTC) indicates that the government's half-hearted in freeing its citizens from pain.

The rate of smokers in Indonesia, including Aceh already alarming. Number of active smokers in Indonesia reached 24.3% of the population. Aceh alone is above the national average, or 25% of the population. Central Java as a storehouse cigarette factory only 22.9%. Likewise, East Java is still 23.9% of the population. Even Jogyakarta equivalent Aceh-- --penduduknya only 21.2% (Riskesdas 2013).

Likewise, the Minister of Health regulations about pictures on cigarette packets as a warning, one of them holding a baby picture smoker. Law No.40 of 1999 on the Press and the Law No. 32 Year 2002 on Broadcasting prohibits advertisements that depict cigarette form. But in Permenkes just the opposite; show cigarettes and smokers.

Design images on cigarette packs is set in Permenkes No.28 / 2013. There are five image called sinister, including male smokers image while carrying the baby into it. Surprisingly, the Ministry of Health's own chill respond to this protest. Deputy Minister of Health, Prof. Ali Ghufron invited all parties to evaluate the image. "The issue of infant and smokers, please be evaluated," he said. (, 26.06.2015).

Permenkes about pictures on cigarette packs which came into force June 24, 2015 one of the ambiguous policy. One side wants to save the young generation from the dangers of smoking, the other hand, indirectly teach smoke. Well, if the condition is still frequently we have experienced, it is not wrong if we need to restore common sense to realize "Ready to Build Healthier Generation Love Affairs". Not the other way, "generations of love sick ready to burden the country". Well!


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