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Resveratrol Grape Juice

Updated on April 18, 2011


What is resveratrol found in grape juice and what are the health benefits and potential side effects of this compound?

Resveratrol, a major chemical compound from the flavonoids class, is found as a metabolic product in some plants, but especially large quantities of it are contained in grape juice.

For decades, grape juice has been investigated as a powerful source of bioflavonoids - a type of phytochemicals that occur naturally in plants. These specific compounds are what gives the intense color of red grapes, and along with it, they contribute to the pronounced antioxidant potential of grape juice and red wine.

The Protective Features of Resveratrol

Some people are willing to ascribe the reduced risk of coronary heart diseases in French people to their nutrition, and especially to their moderate wine consumption. Side by side with the extremely powerful antioxidant quercetin, a special focus is given to resveratrol - which is also a powerful antioxidant.

Why is resveratrol produced in some plants at the first place?

Simply, this compound is used by the plant as a protective agent against diseases, in cases when the plant is damaged, or in order to create a UV protective layer in the grapes skin. This protective function of resveratrol seems to be beneficial also when it comes to human health, as some recent medical research studies have confirmed. While this compound is absorbed quite easily in our organism, its biological availability is relatively low, as resveratrol is quickly extracted from our body.

Healthy Juices as Source of Resveratrol

Apart from grape juice, resveratrol was discovered in blueberries, cranberries and peanuts. Red grapes contain up to 7 mg, red grape juice up to 8 mg, and some red wines, depending on the production technology and other factors, can have from 5 to 20 mg/l.

The quantity of fruits and juices you can consume in order to absorb the potential health benefit of resveratrol is not limited. When it comes to red wine, the recommended daily dosage is no larger than one cup or 2 dl. There should be a pause of 2 day after every week to prevent the possible alcohol addiction.

Health benefits of Resveratrol Grape Juice

  • Cancer: Resveratrol is believed to be able to prevent cancer by its interaction with and neutralization of some carcinogenic chemicals and toxic agents. Due to its preventive action, resveratrol is capable of restraining the spread of malignant tissue on to the healthy cells.
  • Cardiovascular diseases: Diminished risk of cardiovascular diseases is observed if resveratrol abundant red grape juice is consumed along with foods rich in harmful saturated fats. Thus, it helps reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and thrombosis. Transversal's antioxidant benefits is manifested in the reduction of free radicals in our organism, which additionally helps in the prevention of heart related problems.
  • Longevity: Some researchers have tried to find a link between the increased intake of resveratrol and the average life expectancy. Since there are still no investigations on humans, there is no direct evidence that this bioflavonoid can promote longevity.

Side effects

Since resveratrol is quite similar to estrogen in its biological function, more info is needed in order to relate this substance to some cases of cancer susceptible to estrogen, such as for example breast cancer. Therefore it is better not to consume resveratrol health juices in these cases.

Even though resveratrol is known as toxic compound, there are no reported side effects even with dosages such as 300 mg per kg of body weight.


Resveratrol has not been thoroughly tested in laboratory, but some preliminary studies express its potential health benefits. Grape juice is especially beneficial as there are no serious side effects associated with its consumption.

However, always have in mind that balanced food nutrition is essential for good health and that the best way to prevent many serious illnesses is to combine different fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods. Noni Juice, for instance, is also reported to have a lot of health benefits. Other people emphasize the kefir yogurt health benefits.

So by no means you should limit yourself to just consuming resveratrol grape juice. Visit my blog for more information on the subject of healthy juices.


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