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Resveratrol Supplements: Antioxidants To Prevent Aging

Updated on April 16, 2011

Why Resveratrol Supplements?

Resveratrol supplements provide health benefits to the body. Resveratrol is a natural compound found in several plants. It is known as a phytoalexin because plants produce it as an antibiotic. Resveratrol is found in the stems, leaves, and skins of grapes. It can also be found in cranberries, nuts, raspberries and Japanese knotweed. Red wine is one of the main ways in which we consume Resveratrol. Minimal amounts of it are contained in red wine.

Because of the many possible health benefits, Resveratrol has been concentrated into a supplement form which allows you to enjoy the same benefits of red wine, but without the alcohol or calories. As a supplement, Resveratrol is combined with other antioxidants. Research has shown that Resvertrol has the possibility to offer many health benefits.

Resveratrol Prevents Aging
Resveratrol Prevents Aging

Resveratrol Supplements and Anti Aging

Many scientists think Resveratrol to be the missing link of anti-aging research. It is thought to be one of the greatest discoveries in the last 100 years. Resveratrol is said to have extremely potent properties capable of everything from slowing, stopping or even reversing the aging process. Resveratrol activates the one anti aging gene that we have which is known as sirtuins.

Resveratrol slows down the decay of cells and reduces cell death. It also the controls growth of abnormal cells and gives the cells more capacity to repair themselves. These characteriscs of Resveratrol are extremely important in extending life. High doses of Resveratrol has made mice healthier and extended their life spans. Resveratrol may be the Fountain of Youth that people have been looking for.

Other Benefits of Resveratrol Supplements

Much research is being conducted on the benefits of Resveratrol. Tests have shown that it may:

  • Prevent and treat obesity. It may counteract diabetes which causes weight gain.
  • Prevent or treat cancer. It is thought that Resveratrol makes chemotherapy more effective. It also discourages the growth of tumors.
  • Lower the chance of having a stroke. Resveratrol increases levels of heme oxygen which is an enzyme that protects the brain. This may also help reduce memory loss.
  • Prevent heart disease. The antioxidants in Resveratrol supplements help to decrease cholesterol levels which is a main cause of heart disease.
  • Prevent blood clots. Resveratrol keeps blood vessels open and pliable. It may also lower blood pressure.

Is Resveratrol a miracle drug? Many think so but you'll have to try it to see if it works for you.

Where Can I Buy Resveratrol Supplements?

Resveratrol supplements can be purchased on Ebay. Check the column on the right to see how you can save money by buying Resveratrol supplements on Ebay. Current auction prices are listed.

When buying on Ebay you can be assured of receiving a great online shopping experience. It is easy to choose the item you want, pay for it and it will be shipped to your home so you can start experiencing the benefits of Resveratrol.

Resveratrol Supplements

Resveratrol Supplements for Anti Aging


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      Sandy Mertens 8 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      This sounds promising. Thanks for the information.