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Retirement Lifestyle Jeevan Dhara

Updated on June 23, 2015

Happy and Healthy Retirement Lifestyle

What is Jeevan Dhara?

Many friends have asked me what is Jeevan Dhara.

Is it an apartment building or a Lifestyle?

What is so special about it?

Well, it is both together.

Your Retirement

What do you do in retirement?

You have plenty of time on hand; and probably enough money which generates income and you can live comfortably for many years. But what actually you do with the money and time which creates happiness and keep you healthy?

How you live is important

Living long is not difficult at all as there are medical scientists, researchers, doctors and surgeons interested in keeping you alive. But how you live is important. Do you want to live long sitting inactively in a wheelchair or lying on a couch watching only TV or do you want to move around and enjoy an active life?

Jeevan Dhara Lifestyle

This is where Jeevan Dhara Lifestyle comes to your help. When you move into a Jeevan Dhara apartment you are moving into an Indian Seniors Resort and lifestyle of unprecedented quality, happiness and enjoyment. You get here Indian culture and food.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

It is based on the Hindu philosophy of ‘Vasundhev Kutumbakum” meaning the whole world is a family. In the concept of Jeevan Dhara Lifestyle the likeminded retired Indian friends get together and live in an apartment building. Each live in a separate apartment in the building but all live like a joint family.

Living Together

They eat in the common dining hall all the meals cooked in a common kitchen. Nobody has to cook separately. There will be different kitchens for vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals.

Physical and Mental Wellbeing

They exercise daily in a group for their physical wellbeing. They have daily mental exercises in group which keeps away old-age degenerating deceases like Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, etc.

Entertainment and Celebrations

Everyday there is a variety of after dinner entertainment in the common room. They go out in a group for outdoor entertainment. They celebrate jointly all the social and religious festivals as also birthdays, anniversary and the birthdays of the grandchildren of the residents. In fact their lives will be full of celebrations, joys and happiness.

Cooperative Culture – Share the Expenses

The lifestyle is managed by the cooperative society of the residents of which you are also a member. The members will share the expenses amongst themselves. No outside agency will interfere or take profit. The cooperative lifestyle will cost a lot less and will give greater enjoyment and happiness compared to living alone a lonely life.

The Benefits

Let us consider the benefits of a Jeevan Dhara Lifestyle.

Jeevan Dhara Daily Benefits

No more cooking

1 Daily full breakfast of your choice. (Cereal, Paratha/yogurt, Aloo Pauva, Ganthia/Jalebi, Upama, etc.)

2 Daily freshly cooked variety of hot lunch and dinner from fresh vegetables and fruits..

3 Daily fresh afternoon tea/coffee and snacks.

Note: 1 – The lunch and dinner menus will be prepared in consultation with dietician and cooked as per the recommendation of expert cooks. There will be daily different menu of Gujarati, Punjabi, South Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, etc. varieties.

2 – All the vegetables, fruits and grocery of good quality will be bought daily direct from whole sellers and farmers. Bulk buying and bulk cooking means the meals will cost less than your present meagre meals. No more grocery shopping botheration!

5 Daily, in the common room, varieties of group exercises you can participate to maintain your physical well-being. (Yoga, Tai-chi, Zumba, Chair exercises, Bollywood Dancing, etc)

6 Daily group mental activities to keep your mind active and free of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, etc. (Antaxari, Quiz, Q and A, jokes, singing, debate, bingo, history/geography, etc.)

Note: Doing daily activities in a group helps to maintain regularity, it adds to enthusiasm and increase benefits.

7 No more long distance driving or travel to meet your friends. You can meet your friends almost every day in the common room, have a chat over a cuppa, play games, etc.

8 Daily communicate with your friends in the building via intercom.

9 Daily Satsang to participate.

10 Daily use of a meditation room and a library.

11 A vigilance programme for daily checking your whereabouts and to ensure that you are safe.

12 WIFI in the building.

Jeevan Dhara Weekly Advantages

At very economical low cost: (These are Pay as You Use)

1 Every week have your apartment vacuum cleaned.

2 Every week have your bathroom and toilet cleaned.

3 Every week your clothes washed and ironed.

4 Every week the bed sheets and linen changed, washed and ironed.

5 Every week outdoor entertainment with your friends. (Group tour to picnic, restaurant, casino, events, sports, sight-seeing, etc.)

Anything else that you may think of and suggest to your co-operative management committee to organise or include in the daily or weekly services.

Jeevan Dhara Special Advantages

1 This is a freehold apartments building where the lifestyle is decided and managed by a co-operative society of residents and not corporation. You have a say in it. No interference or profit taking by any outside company.

2 The apartment is freehold. The title of the apartment will be in your name and you can sell it at your free will without any exit or deferral fee. It can be passed on in inheritance to your children or as you wish.(Ref: “Don’t buy Your Retirement Home Without Me” by Richard Andrews – available in libraries)

3 You can buy an apartment now for investment or for your future use when you are 55+ age. You may rent it to a qualified 55+ senior, approved by the co-operative management committee.

4 The apartments and the whole building are fitted with seniors friendly door handles, showers, handrails in bathrooms, toilets, rooms, common room, dining hall, lobby, lifts, garage, etc.

5 The Emergency call buttons in every apartment, lobbies, lifts, garage, etc.

6 A Medical centre and pharmacy in the complex.

7 Many other services like hair dresser, news agency, florist, travel agent, coffee lounge, etc. also planned to be in Tarneit Junction Complex.

8 An Indian Grocery and convenience store and restaurants in the complex. Arrangement may be made with the store owner to deliver your order to your apartment.

9 Bus stop and taxi rank just outside the building.

10 Tarneit Railway station and bus interchange starting in 2015, 10 minutes walk. CBD only 25km/30 minutes by train or car.

11 Your personal use of Electricity, Gas, Water and Mobile at bulk rate.

12 You are very safe in this secured apartment building. No unauthorised person can enter.

13 Without going out, you will celebrate all social and religious festivals in the common hall with your friends.

14 Your birthday, anniversary day and the birthdays of your grandchildren can be celebrated with your friends. The life will be full of celebrations as every weekend some celebration will be in the common hall.

15 Bollywood theatre screening Indian movies in various languages in Tarneit Junction Complex.

16 A hotel is planned in the complex for convenience of your relatives and friends when they visit you from interstate or overseas.

17 Werribee hospital only 10 minutes/7 km away.

18 An open celebration place and park in the complex.

19 A few town houses and 1, 2 and 3BR apartments are also planned for the Tarneit Junction complex, in case your children wish to live near you.

20 About 1000 jobs in various fields of activities will be created in Tarneit Junction Project. There may be a job available for you or your dependants.

Summary: All these will help you live a luxurious lifestyle full of activities and happiness. You will live a healthy long life. (We anticipate all the residents of Jeevan Dhara will live a healthy life beyond the age of 100 years)

How You Live is more Important

Pravin Vaghani - Creator of Vision of Jeevan Dhara Lifestyle
Pravin Vaghani - Creator of Vision of Jeevan Dhara Lifestyle | Source
Way to Jeevan Dhara Lifestyle - How you live in Retirement is Very Important
Way to Jeevan Dhara Lifestyle - How you live in Retirement is Very Important | Source
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Retirement Specials

Retirement Planning


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