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Retirement Seniors Jeevan Dhara

Updated on July 20, 2014

Photos are not for just looking. You can also learn something.

Pravin Vaghani  How you live is more important than how long you live.
Pravin Vaghani How you live is more important than how long you live. | Source
Plan Your Retirement Lifestyle
Plan Your Retirement Lifestyle | Source
Healthy Food (Gujarati Daal Dhokli)
Healthy Food (Gujarati Daal Dhokli) | Source
Fresh Fruit
Fresh Fruit | Source
Green Capsicum - Good Source of Iron
Green Capsicum - Good Source of Iron | Source
Swami Ramdev - Regular Yoga helps your body stay healthy in old age
Swami Ramdev - Regular Yoga helps your body stay healthy in old age | Source
Swami Goenka - Vipassana Meditation keeps you free from stress
Swami Goenka - Vipassana Meditation keeps you free from stress | Source
Fresh vegetables from market are better than frozen ones.
Fresh vegetables from market are better than frozen ones.
Travel builds confidence and self-esteem
Travel builds confidence and self-esteem
Dine in pleasing places, not in small cafe. મનને આનંદ આપે તેવી જગ્યાએ જમો.
Dine in pleasing places, not in small cafe. મનને આનંદ આપે તેવી જગ્યાએ જમો.
Travel with family કુડુંબ સાથે સફર કરો.
Travel with family કુડુંબ સાથે સફર કરો.

Luxurious Healthy Retirement Lifestyle

Jeevan Dhara

Dear Friends


Before I start I wish to thank you all for listening to me quietly, attentively and patiently. I assure you that by the end of presentation, you will find that you had taken a wise decision of sparing your valuable time to come here.

If you have not read, then in Google type ‘Indian Seniors Pravin Vaghani’ then you will be directed to my Hubpage

(Be Positive Think Positive)

My request is that please Be Positive and Think Positive. Before rejecting it outright with a thought that ‘Seen that before, Been there’, consider the benefits, advantages and happiness a Retirement Home, Jeevan Dhara, with a scheme like this will give you and how it will improve the quality of your life.Think of what life style you want. Do you want a better life style than what you have now ? What changes you would wish to make in the way you are living now.

(Retirement Villages)

In Australia, during the last three decades the Retirement Villages are springing up like mushrooms growing on a heap of compost during a wet and warm weather. Retired people are moving out of their 40 squares 10 room mansions, downsizing and moving into two bedroom units in retirement villages.

There are villages from one star to five stars categories. Larger the village, more facilities there are. Of course more facilities come with more monthly expenses.

Except a few which are managed by some non-profit organisations, most of the retirement villages are built and run by private companies for profit only. Even after paying the full price of a unit, you do not get a free hold title to it. Your finances are at risk there.

(Ref: “Don’t buy Your Retirement Home Without Me” by Richard Andrews – available in libraries)

I have personally visited some villages and aged care home, talked to the residents and managers, and also studied a few others on the internet. I have also volunteered in an aged care home. These are all based on western style of living. For a westerner, life there is truly enjoyable and full of happiness.

(My Dream as Hindu Vegetarian)

Being a Hindu Vegetarian, from my personal point of view, I did not find any satisfactory to my dream of retirement life.

So I have created my own dream of retirement life in a building called Jeevan Dhara – an uninterrupted flow of life – A Stream of Elixir of Longevity and Happiness.

Walt Disney said “If you can Dream it, you can do it”. I invite you to join me to dream.

I feel like saying what Martin Luther King said, “I have a Dream”.

I would say to the seniors like Swami Vivekanand said, “Arise, Awake and think of your retirement.”

(Plan Our Retirement Lifestyle)

Financial planners advise us to plan our retirement finance. But it will be like having a cart without a horse which will not take us anywhere without planning our retirement lifestyle.

If we wish to make changes in our life to make our retirement more happy and enjoyable, live a healthy longer life, then we must do that now while we are still physically capable (not in a wheelchair) and mentally active (not having Dementia).

My Jeevan Dhara scheme of retirement home removes some of the disadvantages of a normal retirement village and incorporates some of the benefits of an Aged Care Home.

(We are Seniors)

We know we are all seniors. We may be fully retired or partly retired. Regardless of what net worth we have, we are also middle class seniors. May be, if we spent our retirement life in India, there we may be classified as NRI or Upper Middle Class. Despite having made a sizeable progress in life, our minds still remain filled with middle class mentality. (exceptions granted).

Our life in retirement will be just that: a middle class life: like that of a frog in a well, who does not know what is outside the well.

(Our Middle Class Lifestyle)

Does not matter how hard we try, we can’t visualise even in our wildest dream, what type of life those in the upper class are living. Sometimes I wonder, what Mukesh Ambani and his wife, the richest man of India, are doing today. Is Mukesh studying how to use a senior’s card or is he writing a cheque of 100,000 for a donation to a seniors’ group? And his wife, is she thinking in the morning what she is going to cook just for two of them, or is she giving instructions to half a dozen kitchen staff about a party today ?

Here, some of us may get a student to come once or twice a week who cooks the meals, a house cleaner once a week, a gardener once a fortnight and get our car valet cleaned, and we feel very pleased and happy with those little luxuries we can afford.

For the same amount of money, in India, we will get a full time cook, a full time servant, a driver for the car, get the car washed every day, and much more.

And still, it is a middle class life, living on our own.

(Upgrade Our Lifestyle)

So how can we upgrade our lifestyle in retirement? Have more fun, more pleasure, more luxury and above all more healthy life.

The answer is in the Newton’s Law of Leverage.

We use it in many places in our life. A housing loan, a business loan, negative gearing in buying investment properties, margin loan to build up shares portfolio or 1:100 advantage in options and forex trading.

(Use Leverage)

In the retirement life our joint family system was that leverage which we are losing. Now we have to create “Co-operative Community Living”. Here the advantage is that instead of borrowing from outside, we are combining our resources by creating a community of likeminded people and living together. We will have strength of numbers. Wholesale buying of grocery and cooking of daily meals in a common kitchen. Bulk buying of electricity, gas, mobile, cleaning service, etc. This will increase the quality of our life 40 to 50 times better than what it will be living on our own in a 2BR unit.

(Multicultural India)

India has many languages. The people of every language have their own unique culture, customs, food habits and thinking patterns. Some are vegetarians and some non-vegetarians. Gujaratis, Punjabis, Bengalis, etc. all have different lifestyles. More harmony is maintained if people of same language, culture and food habits live together.

“Co-operative Community Living” is a group of people, speaking same language, having common culture, customs and food habits, living together in one building in harmony and with tolerance to the life’s whimsical happenings.

This is a ‘not for profit’ self management, away from the outside commercial interests.

Now The Jeevan Dhara Scheme

Please see my dream concept of Jeevan Dhara – A Retirement Home for Indian Seniors - A co-operative community luxurious lifestyle – in the following hubpage:

(The Building)

1 The apartment building, totally secure, comprises of 32 to 48 owner occupied apartments. Each apartment is approximate 80 sq. mtr. comprising of 2 BR, 1 Bathroom, laundry, open living lounge/dining/kitchen and a balcony. The building may be 4 to 10 stories tall depending upon council regulations. It is a wheelchair friendly building so wheelchair access is from garage through to all apartments including roof top garden and inside the apartment as well.

2 Ground floor : secured car garage, one car space and storage area per apartment.

3 First Floor: Concierge, manager’s office, a swimming pool and the community kitchen and dining hall. The residents have no more cooking to do. .All the residents are served here the morning tea, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea/snacks and dinner.

Wouldn’t we enjoy and eat more if we have a full day cook who prepares all our meals from morning tea through to the dinner ? Our meals will include a smorgasbord of wide variety of items, not just 1 or 2 that we may be cooking now just for the two or one. And how about no cleaning after the meal? How much pleasure this will give us, ladies specially ? How much extra time we will get for other activities?

4 Second Floor : Common hall for organised physical and mental activities and informal meeting with friends. Playing games with friends, discourses, lectures, seminars, entertainment, yoga, tai-chi, zumba dance, aerobics, movies, etc. These are organised on regular basis in the hall. No need to travel long distances in unfavourable weather. Also a library, satsang room, multi-faith prayer/meditation room are here.

5 Group Outing: Picnics, restaurants, cinemas/shows, visit to sports, are hard to enjoy without the company of friends. Here these are made enjoyable as these are organised in groups.

(No more Driving)

6 Loneliness and isolation are the heaviest psychological burdens. It breaks down even people with strong mind and body. Don’t we wish we had more opportunities to interact with people and friends to relieve us from the boredom of loneliness? Don’t we wish we did not have to drive long distances to meet our friends? What will happen when we can’t drive? But here our friends are in the same building so easy to meet them whenever we wish !

(Alzheimer’s and Dementia)

7 Alzheimer’s – Dementia : No use having a long retirement life if we are bound in a wheelchair or may be having one of the old age degenerating weakness or disease like deafness, blindness, Parkinson, Alzheimer’s, etc. These are dangerous old age degenerations. We can’t avoid these. Our hobbies and companionship of our friends will delay or avoid their onslaught and also make these bearable if we are constantly in the company of loving friends. After all “community living” is like a large joint family !


8 Safety : Older people are subject to abuses and harassment when alone at home or on the street. Here we are in a safe environment in the company of the same age friends. When we go out we will be going in groups. There is safety in number.

(Roof Garden)

9 Want to have walk in the garden without leaving the building ? The lift in the building will take us to the roof top garden for enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

(NOT a Nursing Home or Aged Care Home)

10 This is NOT a Nursing Home or Aged Care Home. However, if all members of the Co-operative Society agree then regular visits of medical specialists may be arranged.

11 Just remember, vegetarians and non-vegetarians don’t mix. So separate kitchens and dining halls are recommended for them. I have planned for language and culture based communities to live separately. The full details are in the Hub page.

In the end, let me tell you one important thing. Don’t wait for a club or association to organise such a living place for the community. It is not their job. This is about your life, your retirement happiness and you have to take the initiative !

Thank you for listening to me.

(The Good News)

I had published my Jeevan Dhara concept for vegetarians only on the Hubpages in December 2012. Upon receiving the feedback and requests from the friends I modified and made it suitable for various language and cultural groups of India and the final version was published as “Retirement Home for Indian Seniors”. It was then presented to the various Indian Seniors Group. An ethical and enthusiastic developer Mr. Sunil Kumar contacted me. I am happy to say that he has agreed to include a Jeevan Dhara in his ambitious project the Tarneit Junction. All the required planning permits have been obtained and now the project is at the final stage of the council approval. Very soon you will have the opportunity to book your place in Jeevan Dhara.


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