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Revealing The Truth About Disease - Book Review

Updated on August 6, 2012

Natural Remedies

A guidebook causing a bit of interest when it comes to common consumers, is a 2006 release about natural remedies.

The creator of a earlier published, number one best seller, "Natural Cures 'They' Don't Want You To Know About", Kevin Trudeau, has put together another, every bit as contentious book.

A comparable subject to his original book, this next book delves into the less than trustworthy behaviour of the big drug and food providers and ways in which they conceal the illness caused by their products.

With the laborious title, "More Natural 'Cures' Revealed: Previously Censored Brand Name Products That Cure Disease", featured is some of the material until now banned by the Federal Trade Commission, in his first book.

The Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission, as stated by Kevin Trudeau, have a vested interest in the international businesses, instead of your average consumers. Kevin Trudeau is generally termed a firebrand on the subject of dealing with the areas of governments and large corporations.

In fact, he has risked possible lawsuits by creating his newest publication.

Making use of numerous examples of people employing natural health remedies for whatever ails them, with good results, is the author's answer to his sceptics.

The book includes the following

*Complete description of twenty of the most common questions concerning the original guide.

*A thorough list of treatment centers and certified doctors from around the world with contact information.

*Basic everyday goods and the illnesses that they have the ability to overcome, when used as home remedies and cures.

Further Critiques

Anyone's notion of a booklet, if good value or zero, more often than not boils down to their previous expertise in a field. Should you have never looked at an orange up to now, chances are you may in fact consider a booklet on them to be captivating. Then again, should you be currently in California, your interest could in fact be something less than interested. It really is dependent on the readers to decide.

Trudeau's booklet, controversial already, has actually been given a serious caning from most channels, with many allegations of complete deception.

The New York State Consumer Protection Board circulated a word of caution in 2005 that the booklet "does not contain the 'natural cures' for cancer and other diseases that Trudeau is promising."

There has been much blame directed at Trudeau and suggestions of the publication being a phony, or else overall fraud. Almost all critiques about Kevin Trudeau's booklet, have a tendency to focus on his more infamous history, that is diverse to put it mildly.

Typical criticisms from those that have bought the booklet, range between it being more a labor of fantasy, to pure deception. From various channels, it is stated that before anybody can in fact access any legitimate insights, let alone any of the "Secrets", a monthly registration to Trudeau's website-club is required to first be purchased.

With the promotional advertisements for this membership stuck all over the publication, it starts to seem like a bit of a swindle. Individuals that have bought the publication to answer medical problems of their own, have already been sorely let down.

There is a considerable amount of unfavourable facts concentrating on Kevin Trudeau on Wikipedia. Likewise, there are a number of not very happy buyers on Amazon, in the "customer review" area. Amazon's "About the Author", in part declares that he endured a problem of "... an inability to recall information" when young, it seems he still has difficulties that includes recalling just what honesty is.


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