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Reverse Your Real Age

Updated on April 19, 2013

Many people are scared of aging, this scribe included. people do not want to look old and gray. Women are spending huge amounts of money on skin treatments that guarantee rejuvenation. Skin creams are flying off the shelves while cosmetic procedures have tripled over the past decade. People may not know that we can reverse our real age by simply taking a test and making lifestyle changes. Dr. Oz together with a team of experts explained how the test can reveal your real age. According to Michael Rozien, the Real Age test is a personalized report card on how your aging chronologically. Rozien said that people do not age based on their chronological age, but we age because of our habits. When we grow older, our lungs shrink, our stomachs become fatty, and our bones thin out and become brittle. People can take the entire test on of Keith Roach and Rozien explained the tests in fragments.

First, you need to know how much you weigh, how tall you are, and your waist size. These questions pertain how much mental fat you have.

Second, the test will ask about your sleep habits. You need to know how much sleep you get per day and if you take over-the-counter pills before you go to bed. Our sleep habits can determine our blood pressure, cholesterol level, and HDL level.

Dr. Oz mentioned that in Sacramento, California, the people who live in the area are much younger. They take aspirin every day. Aspirin has health benefits. That includes a decrease in risk of heart attack. Oz and his team gave three steps on how we can reverse our real age.

1. Vitamin D3- This heals your skin. It helps build collagen and it is important for our immune system. You can get Vitamin D3 if you stay under the sun for 10 minutes. There are also dietary sources such as shitake mushrooms, mackerel. You can also take Vit. D3 supplements. The minimum requirement is 1000 IU a day. You can take off 2-6 years of your age.

2. C Reactive Protein- This can measure vascular inflammation. This is an independent measure of heart disease. Inflammation in the body can make you look older and increase the risk of cancer. If you are 30 years old or older, you should have a CRP test in the hospital.

3. Flossing- Most people have a bad habit of not flossing. Flossing can decrease inflammation of the gums. According to Rozien, floss your teeth for 120 seconds a day. You can save 6 years off your age by just flossing.

There are three culprits that make us look older. These are stress, bad habits, and diet. Bad habits include smoking, drinking, and not wearing sunscreen. When people smoke, the lungs have dark tar because of emphysema. If you smoke 1 pack a day, it can make you 8-9 years older. You can reverse the process of aging by quitting and you will get your 8 years back.

Another bad habit is drinking. Women are required to drink half a glass to 1 glass a day, while men are required to have 1 to 2 glasses per day. If you consume 5 glasses a day, it will speed up aging.

Too much sun exposure is bad for us. The sun's harmful rays rapidly increase aging. A little bit of sun is good since we need Vitamin D 3. A picture of a truck driver was shown to the audience. The right side of the face was smooth because it was shaded. But the left side of the driver's face was wrinkled due to too much sun exposure. It is advisable to wear sunscreen if you are always under the sun.

The food that we eat is a game changer. For people who eat red meat and processed foods often, rapid aging is inevitable. Because these foods have saturated fat and Omega 6. These increase inflammation. When we are conscious of our diet, our aorta is glistening. It is recommended to take 4 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, whole grains every day. You will lose 2 to 6 years of your age when you change your diet.

It maybe difficult to follow these steps since it requires radical changes in lifestyle. But if we take time to expunge our bad habits, we can definitely embrace our brand new selves and lead a healthy lifestyle. We can definitely look and feel young if we take care of our health.


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